Will Dying Light be the Most Though-Provoking Zombie Game yet?

Aside from a number of screenshots and trailers, not much is known about the specifics behind Techland’s upcoming open-world zombie title, Dying Light. With the inclusion of zombies, one generally expects the same affair as always – zombies appear, humans kill them. And sometimes each other.

The new ‘Humanity’ trailer, however, shines a light on the moral struggle presented in the game. And it looks mighty intriguing.


Thought-Provoking*... Wow, I can't believe I missed that...

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Timesplitter14955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

I am under the impression that the whole "Who are the real monsters? Is it the zombies or is it ussss?" trope is getting really overused these days

Phantom_Puss955d ago

*cough* Spell-check *cough*....#fail

AnEwGuY955d ago (Edited 955d ago )

Trust DO NOT want to provoke my though....or my but. And may God save your soul if you provoke my however.

aconnellan955d ago

How do you figure? Not trying to detest your opinion, just wondering

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