Bronson's Top Ten Most Anticipated Games of 2014

"For the first time in a while, Bronson had trouble lowering this list down to just twenty games. So getting down to ten games was a long, torturous process. But after many nights of thinking, he ended up with the games he is most excited for and believe have the highest chance of being well-made and entertaining."

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SKYVVLKR1616d ago

Super stoked for Transistor and Second Son. I doubt KH3 will release any time soon.

Off topic: Anyone else getting that thumbnail of that voluptuous ass with the Zelda tattoo below the article summary? I like it.

kingdom181616d ago

Yes, and we'd be extremely lucky to get it 2016, or maybe if you want to be optimistic, very late 2015.

kingdom181616d ago

Although the thing about KH, Nomura, said no to doing Marvel, and Disney denied Star Wars.