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PixlBit | "Halo games have continuously fumbled the stories that justify Master Chief and crew blowing everything up. Somehow amongst this mess of in-game cut scenes, a colorful and interesting sci-fi universe with tons of potential was cobbled together, ready to be harnessed by a real pro. Karen Traviss has worked wonders with Halo’s raw materials in the final installment of the Kilo-Five trilogy, Halo: Mortal Dictata, giving us an action-packed book with moral quandaries and personal relationships injected throughout – intensely better than the clunky narratives the games foist on us.

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unluckynumber111532d ago

Mortal Dictata was the worst of all the Halo books, easily. I didn't care about any of the characters so there was nothing learned of value, plus none of it really mattered in the long run, we already knew the ship wasn't going to attack Earth or anything, and that characters like Halsey and Osman weren't going to die since we see them in the future. Above all it was just boring. I also like how they just went nowhere with that Kig-yar storyline, yeah that was really important to the plot. They were just an excuse to give us the ending the book gave and nothing really more, they never went anywhere with any of the ideas they brought up like Kig Yar independence and what not.