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JPS Writes: "One of the frustrations every PlayStation fan has is the fact that they may never see a new Monster Hunter game exclusive to their platform. While Capcom has mostly made ties with Nintendo for the main entry of the Monster Hunter series, many fans who played several games on their PSP and PS2 will be disappointed as Monster Hunter 3 and 4 might never see a release on the PS Vita or PS4. While that maybe true, there are developers out there looking to bring the “monster-slaying” genre to the PlayStation platform like Soul Sacrifice and Tecmo KOEI’s Toukiden: The Age of Demons."

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ShadyDevil1560d ago

I might wait until its down in price or ends up on PS+. I did enjoy the demo though.

cleft51560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

The game is really good and it deserves to be brought full price. Besides, it's going to be a good while before it hits PS+ and the demo for this game was over 8 hours long, and that was just the demo.

I am definitely going to get this game, just have to wait a bit. Right now there are so many games out, but I need to get this and Danganronpa for the Vita, both excellent games that deserve to be brought.

porkChop1560d ago

Huh? 8.6 is a very good score... I'd only consider not getting a game if I saw it mostly getting below 7/10.

dedicatedtogamers1560d ago

It likely won't hit PS+ for a while. Sony typically does that with 1st party games, not third party.

While I do love the improved graphics (best graphics out of all the "monster hunting" games) I think the other mechanics are lacking. My problem with all of these Monster Hunter clones (I know that's harsh, but that's what they are) is that they think the only fun part about Monster Hunter is the part where you hunt the monsters. But there's a ton of other stuff to do, and it's usually in the "other stuff" department that the other games are lacking. Toukiden is no exception.

PrimeGrime1560d ago

Here we go with the whole "Monster Hunter Clone" bit, sometimes you say some very intelligent stuff but this time it doesn't happen to look way.

I guess every FPS in the world is just a DOOM and Duke Nukem clone and every hunting game in the world is just a Phantasy Star and EveryQuest clone. Very sound logic because genres do not exist and no game can ever be similar without being referred to as a clone.

muttsurini1560d ago

now bring us god eater 2.

belac091560d ago

this game is amazing, the graphics are top of the line, and the customization is insane.