PS Vita’s Sly Cooper Collection Gets New Screenshots

Yesterday Sony Computer Enertainment announced the release of the Sly Cooper Collection for PS Vita, and today they released a batch of screenshots.

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Abash1467d ago

Day 1 buy. I already love being able to play Sly 4 on the go with my PS Vita, but now the first three Slys as well? Too awesome

CocoWolfie1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

If you read the Europe blog one of the replies to the announcement was a winky face for ratchet and clank too, so hopefully some of that goodness too ;)

3-4-51467d ago

4 Sly games on Vita....awesome

Alex_Boro1467d ago

Getting this for my Vita. Only Sly game I've played was Thieves in Time and I loved it. Also getting it considering it's one of the only Vita games announced for this year.

Sketchy_Galore1467d ago

Man I love Sly Cooper but for some reason I never got round to Thieves in time. I'll probably be picking that up around the time everybody else is picking up this.

r211467d ago

Aww yeah, cant wait to play Sly 1-3 again :D Cant wait to mess around with the grapplecam!

andrewer1467d ago

rofl I was thinking the same thing about the grapplecam. Finally will be able to play Sly Collection can't wait as well :D

r211466d ago

Oh man, how much fun it was messing with the guards.f

captainexplosion1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Not a Sly fan anymore. They havent aged well imo (although platformers are great on the Vita). I WANT THE RATCHET & CLANK COLLECTION ON VITA.

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The story is too old to be commented.