Evolve - Inside Look - First Official Gameplay Video Released

Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games have released a new video for Evolve, in which we get an inside look at #4v1 featuring first actual gameplay footage.

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AlienBlaster1436d ago

God damn this looks incredible, if they don't somehow screw it up it will be a perfect co-op game for a group of friends. Can't wait to stomp the shit out of my buddies with Goliath.

john21436d ago

It definitely looks awesome. To be honest, Evolve basically gives me a glimpse at a Godzilla game. Imagine more players, Tokyo instead of a jungle and Godzilla instead of the Goliath.

Psychotica1435d ago

Wow that looks like a lot of fun, can't wait to try it. I wish it also had a single player mode where you could play against AI bots as either the monster or the humans.

fenome1435d ago

I thought I read somewhere that there was a bot mode, so you could get accustomed to playing as the different hunter classes and the monster before you jumped online. Don't quote me on that though, 'cause I could be wrong. I'll keep my fingers crossed though, because that would be perfect

Monolith1435d ago

I wish every multiplayer type of game should have a got mode. Just to have fun offline and practice. Not mode with 4 player split screen too!
On topic: game looks incredible! Can't wait.

fenome1435d ago

I was trying to find the source where I read that to drop you a link, but there's been a freakin' flood of previews and info released. An embargo must've just lifted or something..

All I could find is that AI bots would take over if there weren't enough players in the match or if somebody left the game midway through it..

So it might be online-only, that'd be cool if there was a bot-mode though. I guess time'll tell..

fenome1435d ago

This looks f*ing cool!

I need to upgrade my tv, I've got a 60" right now, but it's outdated. I was thinking about upgrading to another huge screen because I love it, but with everything being online multiplayer now I'm thinking about getting two 42" screens right next to each other so me and my girl can play online together. It sucks that split-screen is dying.. I'm actually considering this.

muttsurini1435d ago

why buy 2 tv's if you only have 1 console, better get 2 pc's.

fenome1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

who said we only have one console? lol

I'd prefer local split-screen, but that seems to be fading. So I think I'm going with 2 TVs and 2 consoles.

I don't game on PC. I have nothing against it, and I know you can do a lot more with it, I just like the accessibility and ease of use with consoles. Computers are too high maintenance for me, I'm not even interested.

Convas1435d ago

This looks so good and it's a clear showcase that once we drop last gen consoles, we can start seeing real progress on the tech front.

The world looks alive and crisp.

Can't wait to hop on with my Steam buds.

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