What Xbox One and PS4 can learn from Steam's social capital (and why they won't)

This has been discussed to the point of tedium, but the social aspects of Steam often remain unexamined, and the consoles have so far failed to steal any of the advantages that make Steam such a satisfying social and retail network.

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SteamPowered1744d ago

Plus the Big Picture layout could teach X1 a thing or 2. All in all, steam is very well built.

GhostTurtle1744d ago

I have been a member of steam since 2006. I bought my first game on steam last year (had steam for HL2 way back when). I use to be a full time console gamer outside of certain mmos and I am ashamed its taken me so long to jump aboard. I got a lot of friends now and it really is a beautiful service. Very well built like you said.

Rageanitus1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

steam is quite awesome that is all

Jovanian 1743d ago

Free multiplayer>paid multiplayer any day of the week. Thats why steam always beats PS+ and XBL. Play multiplayer for free for any game, and not just F2P ones

krouse931743d ago

Sure, but most people didn't buy PS+ for the multiplayer (before the PS4 was announced and subsequently released, I bought it for the games and bonuses like betas, and exclusive deep discounts, etc.

djplonker1743d ago

Ps plus is better value for money than a steam sale (steam member since 2006) £4 for bioshock infinite , metro:LL , outlast , dynasty warriors 7 and mod nation racers!

You would be lucky to pick up bioshock infinite alone on steam for £5...

Jovanian 1743d ago

Oh look, 5 games that are noteworthy out of a pile of crap, 2 of which I already own and 3 of which I have no interest in. Yup, that TOTALLY justifies 50 dollars a year, for those bottom of the bin games that everyone and their momma has already played and or owns. How about I keep my 50 bucks, retain my ability to play online for free, and choose which games I want to buy when I want to buy them instead of sony picking a bunch of them and hoping one interests me? OH wait they used the momentum of beating microsoft at E3 to shoe-horn in paid multiplayer under everyones noses, then tricked them into thinking these 'free games' they get are worth the value. Nice job sony.

djplonker1743d ago


"bottom of the bin games"

£19.99/$30 on steam or free on ps plus for a goty contender...

I own a pc and a console because I am not an idiot who likes to miss games like gta 5 and the last of us ;)

Jovanian 1743d ago

Um yeah you are seriously mistaken if you believe bioshock infinite has the same value listed at the default sales price on steam at the moment. Its worth about as much as it was at its lowest sale, which was like 10 bucks a month ago. Its probably even lower now. You have been severely tricked by Sony if you think somehow you are getting a £19.99 value with this game that has been discounted to hell and has been out for a year

and a minus bubble for personal attack by implying I'm an idiot

tee_bag2421743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

Lol PS Plus you don't even own the games. $50 a year to rent old games that you already have or didn't buy because they suck anyway. Then if you cancel your subscription you can't even play your 'free' games. Lol, You are seriously tripping and it's pretty obvious you don't use steam by your intellectually vapid argument.
I have all the consoles up to now, and a gaming PC so I think I'm pretty qualified to say none of these console services can compare to Stream.

You are the worst kind of fanboy. The thing is PS+ could have been free had fanboys like you not blindly defended it.

kwyjibo1743d ago

Please don't try to spin mandatory into something good. Yes, I think the games you get are good value, but you don't have a choice, you have to subscribe forever.

Steam sales events might only happen several times a year, but you're not limited to that and you're not obligated to pay. You've got humble bundle, mods and a significantly larger free to play library.

djplonker1743d ago

Ok use the we are only renting (even though I dont have to take them back)

6 games a month is 72 a year less than £1 each for my console that cost £350

my pc costs £1000+ so any savings are ****ed up by the price of each platform!

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rafaman1743d ago

To be honest, the only two things better on steam are the games prices and the free service