Gamers in the US Spent Over $15 Billion on Video Games in 2013

According to a report published by the market research company The NPD Group, gamers in the United States spent $15.39 billion on game content in 2013, up 1% from the previous year.

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Bigpappy1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

This is why N.A. is THE region you want to win. Win there, and you will do really, really well. Look at how well 360 did against PS3 and sold almost nothing in Japan, with U.K. being its only strong hold in Europe.

Not saying it is the only important region, all areas where you have gamers are important, but for succeeding as a business you would be smart to grab that market and try to take as big a share there as you possibly could.

vikingland11616d ago

The article says U.S. not NA. So I would imagine if they added in Canada it would be even more. Lets not forget about central America and south America either if your counting the whole region .

Fizzgig1616d ago

But how? Flappy Bird was free....

....I'll get my coat

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