PS4 + Vita owners showing remote interest in Remote Play, why is that?

Gimme Gimme Games talks about why only 1 in 10 people who own a PS4 and a PS Vita have tried out Remote Play.

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MultiConsoleGamer1621d ago

They simply do not know what they're missing. It's an amazing feature.

aquamala1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

why play PS4 games on Vita when you can play them on PS4? I can understand some people would find it useful, people that need to share their TVs for example, so about 10% of PS4/Vita owners, sound about right to me

lashes2ashes1621d ago

It's so you can use you're ps4 when it's not with you.

Insomnia_841621d ago

I use it at work and when taking a dump! My speed at work is kind of meh so I'm seriously thinking about that tethering with my Galaxy.

wrblplayas131621d ago

Exactly the point of remote play when you're not around your ps4. I've used it several places and its always worked great. Don't bother if the connection isn't solid though.

Also nice to use when you have some shows to watch or someone else is using the tv. Pick up right where you left off.

LOGICWINS1621d ago

Because they have common sense. Why play a PS4 game on your Vita when you have a 42 inch tv just several feet away? Unless you live in a one tv household, which would be odd. If you can afford a PS4, u can afford an HDTV.

wrblplayas131621d ago

What about when you are not home, but still want to play? Thats the reason why remote play was made, not so you can play on your vita from several feet away.

LOGICWINS1621d ago

Pointless. The further u are from your PS4 the laggier your gameplay will be. It's not worth it at this point in time. Its not practical.

Kidmyst1621d ago

I've used remote play while having the Olympics or when a sports game is on. Want to watch/listen to the game but am restless enough to need to do something during it so I fire up the Vita and play a bit. Comes in nice to check the store for new content and software updates so games are ready to go.

DualWielding1621d ago

hmmm because people prefer to use their ps4 for ps4 games and vita for vita games? Also, Sony may just be refering to long distance remote play where you go through internet.... they wouldn't be able to tell if someone had used the point to point remote play

KimoNoir1621d ago

Because next gen graphics in a portable device is fucking awesome. Because when my roommate is watching tv, i can just flip on my ps4 and remote play though the vita.

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