Konami to interview Kojima on Ground Zeroes later today, taking fan questions

Konami will be conducting an interview with Hideo Kojima later today, and through Facebook and Twitter they are asking for questions from the community. Here is the message Konami posted:

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Batzi1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

INB4: Hayter!????? ENEMY TAG!!!? REFLEX MODE!!!!?? and of course LENGTH!!?

Of course what really matters like the story for instance is left out of the questions.

Nyxus1528d ago

True but to be honest I don't think they should give any more away of the story. I can't really think any questions I have left for this game in general, we already know a lot about it. I just want to play it!

DevilishSix1528d ago

Ask wth is up with $30 to 40 for this game when it should be 20 to 25 max.

e-p-ayeaH1528d ago

The price should be the main concern.

Timesplitter141528d ago

Concerning the length of the game :

Remember that MGS3 could be completed in 6-7 hours without even trying too hard. If you just try to complete the objectives right away, it won't take long. But that's not how you play MGS... You want to experiment with different tactics, different items, different approaches. You want to try completing sections without being seen once, or with knife only, etc...

This is what makes MGS games last

LAWSON721528d ago

Maybe most people play it as a 3rd person shooter, considering the disagrees, no wonder MGS2 gets so much hate because you try to run and gun in that game you die. Then again I just think everyone is acting like a child who played the game and know its value.

Lukejrl1528d ago

Yes but I paid 60 for mgs3 for the 6-7 hours. Should I pay 40 for 1/3 the game.

LAWSON721528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

If all you got was 6-7 hrs out of MGS3 IMO you wasted your money (wasnt ps2 games $50). The game is good and IMO it is not a game you play once on easy and put it on a shelf. If that is how you play MGS I dont see why you would have any interest in GZ anyways.

Lukejrl1527d ago

Oh I probably got well over 40 hours from mgs3 snake eater and the subsistence. But the ratio will very well be 1/3 the game for 2/3 of the price. Ps2 games in Canada were 60 bucks because of the low canadian dollar. Plus sales tax in New Brunswick at 15% I would pay 80 for the game. With the can and u.s dollars much closer in the ps3 generation games were the same. At least how I remember it.

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