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jackanderson19851472d ago

if this is a first come first served basis then it's a kick in the teeth for europeans and anyone not american really... 6pm PST is around 2/3am in europe... i want to participate in the Beta but work starting at 7am means i won't be staying up till 2 or 3 am just for the small possibility i'll be put in the beta

JokesOnYou1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Awesome, I didn't get in the Alpha, I will not be denied this Beta= I'll be home from work at 5:30pm pst! lol

Prepared for Titanfall.

Edit^^^ jack I feel you bro....hate to see any gamers who support games get screwed. Hopefully if you make the effort you'll get in.

PeaSFor1472d ago

already preordered and signd up for the beta, i tried the game at PAX in was kinda interesting, now i need to see if i will enjoy it in the long run(being an old Q3 and UT player, i need my fix)

erathaol1471d ago

Signed up for the PC Beta, Want to see what this game feels like to play, rather than just basing it off its looks.

Naga1472d ago

Some things you have to want more than you want sleep.

I kid. I feel your pain.

Eonjay1472d ago

Finally some news. Okay. I will sign up.

BX811472d ago

I honestly thought the first to get beta access would be the pre orders.

Eonjay1472d ago


I think their goal is to increase preorders. And the beta is rumored to only be for 5 days.

Farmassy1472d ago

or go to sleep and set an alarm? The website has to open sometime and they chose to do it at a time that makes sense for them

jackanderson19851472d ago

3 hours earlier would have suited the majority of the gaming world.. 3pm PST, 11pm GMT, 5pm Central, 6 pm EST... that would have been a great time.. setting an alarm for 2am while there is others in the house is a ridiculous solution

Farmassy1472d ago


I guess you are correct. However, they did say that it is not first come first serve. So it doesn't really matter when you sign up.

Good luck to everyone and I hope to see you on the battlefield (I will be the one in a titan)

CaptainFaisal1472d ago

Is the sign up today?! Sh!t 6pm pst mean 5AM gmt +3 thats 3 hours from now im sleepy....

famoussasjohn1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Yeah, they even started it an hour earlier than they projected. I signed up at 5:04PM PST. I applied for both the PC and Xbox One version to see if I at least get one.

Dinkis1472d ago

Seriously I don't give a **it where you are, set your alarm and deal with it lol. It would have to be someone else's jacked up time thankfully not mine :-)

VENOMACR12271472d ago

Does anyone know where you can find this website? Where are they going to post it? Be nice to have a couple more details besides "6pm EST sign up on website."

Sayai jin1472d ago

UPDATE: The registration started early.

Go here:

DeathOfTheFanBoy1472d ago

I set my alarm and got up at 1am... hopefully I get in, if not so be it.

3-4-51472d ago

Tried yesterday for a while.

Wouldn't work for me. The page wouldn't open up. I'm guessing it was being flooded by people.

Muffins12231472d ago

Well....most buyers are american so financially this is fine for them lol. Its not like the site is gonna get filled up quickly,not everyone's going to know about this site the instant it starts like you and the other few thousand gamers on n4g...they will have time for the casuals to sign up for the game too(aka a week and a half)

xL3G1TxL3M3Rx1471d ago

Vince Zampella tweeted that it won't be first come first serve, because it might be unfair for the people who had the website open in the middle of the night. It will be randomly selected:D

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True_Samurai1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Someone quick convert that to central time! I'm on my way to work :-p

ThichQuangDuck1472d ago

8pm good sir. I will be stepping out of Game Scripting to take a "massive poop" it appears from 755 until beta confirmation

truefan11472d ago

I'll be there, hopefully I get in. I need to go to the gym early today, my schedule will now revolve around getting into the beta. Standby for Titanfall.

Eonjay1472d ago

Good luck to us both. I hope you get in. I can tell you are excited for it. I wonder how many people will be chosen for XBO and PC.

Farmassy1472d ago

Yes. Good luck to you both... but I hope I get in over you

haha. just kidding. good luck to everyone

XiSasukeUchiha1472d ago

Let's wait for beta of Titanfall!

Naga1472d ago

In other news: Titanfall beta website will also be crashing shortly after 6PM PST.

HarryB1472d ago

Sony crashed for over a month one time. They forgot their password. Locked everyone out hahahahahaha

Unreal011472d ago

What an irrelevant post. I hope you feel silly.

ThichQuangDuck1472d ago

Preorders would be logical to me....

Naga1472d ago

You know... I made the initial comment in jest to remark on the inevitable surge of interest and beta applications. I didn't expect it to actually happen. Yet sure enough, I received an unknown system error trying to apply for the beta for a solid 45 minutes. I'd be more peeved if it wasn't such a promising sign.

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