Kojima: Metal Gear Solid V Had an "80's Filter" But it Was Removed Because it Slowed the Game Down

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima mentioned today that the game had a visual filter that made it look like a movie shot in the eighties, but it was removed because it slowed down the system.

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KonsoruMasuta1436d ago

Wow, that would have looked amazing.

SquareSoft1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

Kojima always tries to make a game beyond known console capabilities. Reflecting Kojima attitude, with Japan's good internet infrastructure he'll probably make a game for Playstation Now, equipped with quad-crosfire radeon R9 290x, trying to achieve the vision of Hideo Kojima.

minimur121436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

I hate it when people treat game directors like gods and the complete brains behind the game. he makes the ideas/writes the script/does the drawings/models, which is a mean feat I may say.but he doesn't make them possible technically,
that's the programmers you have to give credit to.

I find him a little bit stuck up if anything, naming the whole development studio after himself, and trying to get away with $20/£25-$40/£35 for 4-6 hours* worth of game.

He's the only person in the games industry that has their games intro with a full screen saying 'a hideo kojima game/production'
for example, most other games the intro says either 'A Naughty Dog production' (Not Bruce Straley/Neil Druckmann)or nothing at all.

*I said 4-6 hours purely because it was mentioned that the story was 2 hours long. I don't believe that, and I'm giving it a 3-4 hour story along with 1-2 hour of exploration. (4-6 because of the few that play the story and then stop playing)

/rant over

I won't say 'bring on the disagrees' because I'll be flooded with them (I've disagreed with someone because they've said that)


I didn't know filters were actually that demanding of the system, if someone knows would they mind explaining why they are?

KwietStorm1436d ago


He founded the studio, so he can call it whatever he wants. It doesn't make him stuck up, but if everything coming out of your studio is your vision, then you're going to want to put your name on it. Naughty Dog is Sony's studio, not Neil Druckmann or Amy Henig's. And to my knowledge, nobody on Kojima's team has ever had a problem with the guy or the way the studio was put together. I sure as hell would have no problem being a part of "Kojima Productions."

And a filter is not a simple on/off switch. Every object has to react accordingly, just like with lighting, so adding a global filter is going to take more (valuable) processing power.

NihonjinChick1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

"He's the only person in the games industry that has their games intro with a full screen saying 'a hideo kojima game/production'
for example, most other games the intro says either 'A Naughty Dog production' (Not Bruce Straley/Neil Druckmann)or nothing at all. "

@Minimur12, the studio is called "Kojima Productions".

ShinMaster1436d ago

How about getting rid of all the lens flares!

-Gespenst-1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

I sort of agree with you minimur. Kojima's behaviour has been strange as of late. Making big-budget hollywood MGS films with big, obvious actors and rubbish directors. Making Quiet the way she is largely to sell action figures to pervs and to encourage sexy cosplay he can ogle, replacing Hayter with Sutherland and making the game overall just seem really generic rather than mgs-idiosyncratic, and now charging an arm and a leg for a tiny prologue game? It's all incredibly cynical and reeks of the disingenuous. Your point about him being the face of his production team is also a pretty good one. Games, like films, are collaborative processes. I find it pretty arrogant and sort of egotistical that they stick to the name "Kojima Productions"

I love the MGS series of games, but to be honest, I think Kojima might be finally losing the plot a bit. Too much time spent among the suits of the industry perhaps.

Anyhow, I feel like this whole 80s filter thing could have been pretty cool. It would have been unprecedented for an MGS game to have such a distinct stylistic touch as that. I suppose that if the consoles can't handle it there's nothing that can be done, but why do I get the feeling he's trying to pander to the tech-adolescents who want their "60fps 1080p." It would have been pretty ballsy and risky to implement such a stylistic feature as this, but I guess they didn't want to get their feet wet. I suspect the reason was 1 part "it slowed the game down a bit" and 3 parts "the money / profit." Now it's gonna stay looking like CoD in third person.

minimur121436d ago


I know the studio is called kojima productions, I wouldn't've had a porblem with that showing up on the screen,(other than what I've stated) it's the fact that he made it seem like he was the sole person who created this game, it's not, it's the modellers,the programmers the sound designers and composers, the actors, the animators, the writers (other than him), all of the testers of the games, each person plays their role and are equally as important and talented, they all deserve equal credit.

what I'm saying is, he doesn't deserve to be the main name that created it, the other people should get credit for it aswell, and not just in the credits at the end, no body watches those (besides me)

sigfredod1435d ago

Thats why im hyped abou the order, they decide tu use a filmic filter for it and stick with their vision even with the whining of some, and i think it will pay off

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RumbleFish1436d ago

Ja, it would have looked amazing. And it would have been possible on PC. Why not, Kojimasan? Why not???

KonsoruMasuta1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

You could always play MGS 1 or 2 and pretend that you're playing the latest installment of the series.....

Those are on PC.

RumbleFish1436d ago

MGS3 is on PC too. Emulation, BC and the Power that Kojima would want for his visions.

I will never understand why he chose that way, and I will never understand why children don't want games to be released on one particular platform. Especially when it's the most powerful. No danger to hold back a game on one or the other console.

KonsoruMasuta1436d ago (Edited 1436d ago )

MGS 3 is not on PC. Just because you can emulate a game doesn't mean that it's for that platform. It just means you can play a game for another platform on your own. Just because I can emulate Pokémon on my tablet doesn't mean it's for Android.... anyways, that's besides the point.

The moment you decide to game exclusively on one platform is the moment you decide to give up the chance to play games that are exclusives to other platforms. You can't whine about it, because that was your choice. You have 3 choices as of now, you can either suck it up and get over it, get a console, or wait a couple of years and pray for a port.

That's why I have a gaming PC along with my consoles. Because I know that there are too many exclusives to game exclusively on one platform.

RumbleFish1435d ago

You don't know me. I have a ps3 and a PS4, but I'd rather play games on PC, because it's the better platform. There's no point in releasing a game on two consoles and not releasing it on PC.
It's not an exclusive game. It's console exclusive. And that's stupid.

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CrossingEden1436d ago

Oh thank god, that would look terrible, if you didn't need a filter to make MGS3 feel like a game set in the past then you don't need a filter to make MGS5 look like it's set in the past. Good decision on Kojima's part.

punisher991436d ago

You see. Thats what I like about Kojima. He is always trying to think outside the box.

Omar911436d ago

wow that would of been awesome!

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