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oprainfall's Guy Rainey writes:

"We return to the shoes of Soma Cruz. A year has passed since the events of Aria, and Soma believes that he is free from the Dark Lord. After fleeing Dracula’s Castle, he has been unable to call upon the powers that he gained. This peace is not to last, as a cult leader named Cecilia Fortner attacks Soma with monsters."

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zalanis1621d ago

this sequel is really well done, but only fully complemented by the fact that it aint an exact sequel, but instead it feels like the continuation (if that makes sense)cuz (without spoilers) as good as aria of sorrow is, that story isnt completed after you beat the game (even with the good ending) the aria and dawn of sorrow games should b released as a special package, so players can experience the entire story from start to finish. you cant play 2 if you didnt play one and 1 aint complete till the end of two. one of the best castlevanias stories (when both games b played as whole) certainly the longest.

Drummerdude411620d ago

This is retro?! I'm either getting older at a rate faster than previously thought or this is barley making the retro list.