Dying Light’s Producer Releases Some Very Cool Details

Dying Light's producer, Tymon Smektała, releases some very cool details about the game's multiplayer modes, noise system, demo possibilities, and more.

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fenome1500d ago

4 vs. 1, survivors against a zombie multiplayer sounds cool. I wanted to get this game anyways, I'll have to check out that online too. I ain't gonna lie though Evolves 4 vs. 1 really has me wantin' to try it. I don't play much online multiplayer, team deathmatch twitch shooting just doesn't hold my interest. Personally I prefer a good single player campaign or local co-op. These new takes on it might change my mind though..

UnrealThreats1500d ago

I cant wait to play co-op with my friends it will be EPIC.

iNFAMOUZ11500d ago

Ya right, they didn't want a demo so the public doesn't get their fill of zombie smashing and get bored or something, dammnnit I just want a release date lol....

I reallllly hope its not the rumored August, I hope they surprise people and say march 30!!!!!!! Lol, I like the hiding in the houses thing all night while you hear the wind, zombies, hopefully rain, Thunder, and god knows what else. Sounds funnnn. I hope they turn up the horror and the survival element, no fetch quests or point a to b, that's so boring. Survival horror!!!

Ashunderfire861500d ago

I want Dying Light so bad man! That Parkour makes the game really fun to play. I really hope this game comes out sometime in spring. Dying Light is said to have 40 hours of gameplay too! Long FPS game with multiplayer makes it worth $60 bucks compared to other games with just a 4 hour campaign mode with a slap on multiplayer.

fenome1500d ago

40 hours?!

Hellz yeah man, bang for you buck. This game is getting more and more appealing to me the more I find out about it. Lovin' this new console gen, these games just need to hurry the hell up and come out!