Sony: PS4 Has Early Lead Over Xbox One, But Still A Lot Of Work To Do

Gamespot "We talk with PlayStation marketing executive John Koller about competition with Xbox, early feedback for PlayStation Now, and how much longer Sony will support the PlayStation 3."

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Mikelarry1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

good to know Sony is not resting on its laurel, one thing i do find funny with this console war palava is that alot of so called " developers" are saying the xbox one will catch up to the ps4 ps4 as they spend more time with it" should that not be the same with the ps4 as the more time they spend with it the more they can get out of it... food for thought

TomShoe1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

At the moment the MS folks are scrambling while Sony is letting the system sell itself on it's own merits. And it hasn't even launched in Japan yet!

truefan11565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

If this is MSFT scrambling, I hope they scramble this entire generation.

Edit: Since this is a Sony article, I will say impressive sales so far, keep up the good work. The better the ps4, the better the gaming industry.

TomShoe1565d ago


That's great that MS is struggling a bit, hopefully this will spur them to make some great games. Hopefully we get more first party exclusives, and less moneyhats.

scott1821565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Both the PS4 and the X1 are selling impressively and Nintendo with handhelds, I like the fact console sales are great. I prefer gaming on consoles than on PC's personally, so I am glad the industry is strong!

miyamoto1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I know the PS4 is the people's choice but its unavailability of supply is what is hurting it as people who have money to buy next gen console PS4 but have no patience to wait are being pulled by M$ one by one.

I hope Sony resolves this supply shortage sooner rather than later coz M$ is taking advantage.

With inFamous Second Son must come a good serving of PS4 supply to match.

b163o11565d ago

I seriously doubt people are buying Xbones cause they can't get a hold of PlayStation 4's...

Gorilla_Killa_X1565d ago

I know a few people who have actually went to buy a ps4, couldn't find and bought a Xbox one. And now that tax season has begun Sony needs to up their supply to match the demand of many that will get a tax return and possibly be looking to move I to the next gen.

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ThunderSpark1565d ago

It's amazing how well PS4 is doing and how Sony is not letting the early success get to their head. This is going to be an amazing generation for gamers worldwide. The competition, the games, the power of these consoles-- I just can't wait.

n4rc1565d ago

Mike.. Its the same with ps3 etc..

More to learn with x1 I assume.. Ps4 being simpler would lead me to believe there is less hidden performance..

Just assumption tho

mediate-this1565d ago

Who is scrambling exactly? I just see both systems selling great and the ps4 doing the better of the two.

LOGICWINS1565d ago

Uve forgotten which site ur on.

CharlesSwann1565d ago

I think Microsoft themselves disagree with you on the selling well part. All of their recent actions make that pretty clear.

theWB271565d ago

What have they been doing to to make you think they aren't selling well?

Software_Lover1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

It's selling better than the cheaper Xbox 360 that had no competition.

How can people turn that into a negative?

n4rc1565d ago

Ya what recent actions?

Bathyj1565d ago

Xbox is selling well for sure, but you are always measured against the market leader.

As well as last gen PS3 always sold quicker from the start but all we heard was how much market share they had lost as if customers were something the big 3 could just transfer from one console to another like a save file.

Near 3 months since launch, PS4 is still pretty hard to get, Xbone was never hard to get, PS4 has taken marketshare from the only two regions Xbone sold a lot. Yes Xboxe is selling well compared to previous gens, but it that context you can see why it is seen to be in a weaker position, and the gap is only going to grow, not shrink. I expect a 2 million lead after the Japanese launch in a couple weeks and 4 to 5 million lead by the end of the first year.

mediate-this1565d ago

I look at it like this, they both can not sell the exact same numbers, one is going to sell better, ps4 is the one selling better. The real winner is the company selling their product at a profit, selling at a loss is the real loss in my eyes.

Im just saying there both doing great and somy is doing exceptional

Bathyj1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Thats a fair point. They are here to make money after all. But I think both are making a small amount of profit at the moment, probably pretty similar, and in the early days its about getting a foothold on the market to set the tone for the next 7 years.

It took ages for Sony to overcome the 1 year lead 360 had. That, more than price, hard to develop hardware or pushing a new format probably hurt them more than any other factor that they were always perceived as being behind even though they were actually selling quicker.

The winner will be the one who can get a good lead and can keep it. Like I said, if PS4 is 4 million in front after a year, it send a message to gamers and devs that this is the console to have.

Anyway, just food for thought. I agree with you, both are doing well, just one a bit better.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1565d ago

i don't see microsoft surpassing Sony this Gen in sales unless something major happens

remember Microsoft launched in 13 of their biggest markets first... even tho Sony is already in 53 countries.. what I'm saying is even when Microsoft catches up in releasing it in 53 markets i only see a sales boost off 600k Max... the Countries Microsoft has yet to launch in Wont Raise their Numbers of console sold pass Sony.

Microsoft is destined for 2nd Place this Gen

hennessey861565d ago

Last gen microsoft had a lead until quite late in the generation and then started to back off with less exclusives etc, with Sony taking the early lead in sales, hopefully microsoft will have to continue to invest in new excusives and more importantly new ip's to keep the gap as small as possible.

Fixay1565d ago

Boring article, just starts hate wars

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