Become a 'Strider' Expert with Capcom's Neat Retrospective

Hardcore Gamer: Beginning with comics in the late eighties all the way up to Marvel vs. Capcom, the character's entire background is detailed.

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maniacmayhem1618d ago

Hot damn, this game looks good! I loved Strider for NES. I was a disappointed when I first got the game and it was nothing like the arcade but when I started playing it, it actually turned out better than the arcade!

jetlian1618d ago

Is stryder2 on psn by any chance and if so can it be played on vita

Fullmetalevolust1618d ago

Now I wanna play every single Strider game ever made, they look fun to play.

BoNeSaW231618d ago

Strider 2 is Killer! Very interested in this remake!