Frugal Gaming Review| Super Mario 3D World Wii U

As Mario now approaches his mid-30’s does this aging franchise still have a place amongst the gaming elite? Writes Mr BadDog

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cooperdnizzle1559d ago

10 out of 10 my butt. I have the game, have beaten the game and its good but 10 out of 10 no way. I would give it an 8. But will also say that nintendo needs to start making new ips. Games like these are getting old.

Nerdmaster1559d ago

Your butt must be a masterpiece.

deafdani1559d ago

That was a damn good one. Bubble up for funny.

Sly-Lupin1559d ago

I would argue that 3DWorld is a perfect game.

But I would also argue that it doesn't deserve a perfect score. At all. Not even close.

Nintendo went ahead and produced the best co-op game in years... but then didn't bother to include online play. That's a HUGE detriment. Hell, they even said that they only MIGHT consider implementing online in some vague, future game.

10/10 my ass. People need to stop giving Nintendo a free pass for this kind of thing.

ReesesPuffs1559d ago

I hope you realize your comment doesn't make any sense at all. By the way it was an incredible game and not having online co-op isn't going to change that at all. I'm glad it doesn't have online co-op because something about having everyone in the same room adds so much more to the experience.

Sly-Lupin1559d ago

You may not agree, but it makes perfect sense.

Making a great multiplayer game, and then alienating your demographic by making that multiplayer component difficult/impossible for a huge number of people does, in fact, make the game WORSE than it would otherwise have been.

X1PS4WiiU1559d ago

If a perfect game doesnt deserve a perfect score, than what does?

Rayman Legends didnt have online co-op, and that got perfect scores.

Online play co-op for a console platformer isn't common.

wonderfulmonkeyman1559d ago

Then what about that other upcoming game?
What was it? The Order?

Yeah, that.

That's one that could use multiplayer, but do you levy the same criticism against it?

Sly-Lupin1558d ago

Because it wouldn't be the same criticism.

3DWorld has 4 player cooperative multiplayer. It's arguably the best, defining aspect of the game.

An analagous complaint would be criticizing Call of Duty or Diablo III or World of Warcraft if they only allowed multiplyayer over a LAN.

Learn how analogs work, and get back to me.

The simple fact is that Nintendo's omission of multiplayer is indefensible. You can tell by how many people have disgreed with me, yet failed to even TRY to form a counter-argument.

Fanboyism at its best.

wonderfulmonkeyman1558d ago

The reason no one else is doing it is because they recognize just how ridiculous your complaint is, in light of your refusal to call out other games that would be far better with multiplayer than without.

Its got four player co-op, and main-line Mario games have always been at their best when the people you play them with are right beside you.
You're essentially just complaining for the sake of it, over a reason too trivial to take seriously.

That, or because its Nintendo's time to be the target of abuse from all corners and you're going along for the ride on the hate train.

thegent1558d ago

So tlou shouldnt get goty awards because i cant play with my friend in the same room? Nintendo always gets unneccesary complaints.

Xof1558d ago


But consider: would The Last of Us be equally good in your eyes if you could ONLY play multiplayer locally?

The difference is that online multiplayer is industry standard.

And if a thing does not meet those standards, it is--be definition--deficient.

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