Sony's Shahid Ahmad Proud of Having Bet his Career on PS Vita: " Just Getting Warmed Up"

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad is one of the men behind the recent large influx of games – especially indie – to the PS Vita, and turns out that he’s rightfully quite happy about that, but he's just getting warmed up.

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Crossbones1564d ago

We want AAA games, not Indie titles.

Abriael1564d ago

What about replacing that "we" with "I?"

PSNintyGamer1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Indies won't bring back PSP owners. Or draw in other handheld lovers .
Sales speak for themselves.

levian1564d ago

You want nothing but indie games on the Vita? Games that you can play on literally ANY system? Yea its nice to have the option, but I want more that 20 minute $4 games.

What happened to the games PSP had? Give me God of War, games like Crisis Core, an exclusive (non hd remake) Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts. Put out games like these, games like the PSP had and the Vita will be worth while.

Like I said, its nice to have indies as an option. If I wanted to play nothing but them however, I'd buy them on Steam for a buck during a sale.

bothebo1564d ago

Lol how about he leaves it at we because I too am sick of indies on the Vita. Sales figures show no body wants them and I don't need a Vita to play them, hell I don't even need a console to play them: it's called a phone/tablet. So let's cut to the chase, what do they offer? Small profts for Sony is really what they offer and cheap/free software for system owners. That's just about it!

TomShoe1564d ago

Come on now, Borderlands 2 and MLB not enough for you?

porkChop1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Dude, are you really going to act like 95% of the games that get released on Vita aren't Indies? Yeah, Indies are great, but I bought a Vita for AAA games, and we're hardly getting any at all. Indies are nice to have in between big AAA releases, and they can provide some really unique experiences, but I still need my big budget AAA games. I need both types of games, but for the past 2 years we've been getting mostly 1 type and hardly any of the other.

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iamnsuperman1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I wouldn't mind more unique games like Tearaway. Sure it isn't indie but it was a different experience. I have always thought the PSP image falls flat with big "AAA" games. Sure it is a portable playstaion but I have my playstation for that experience. I think the Vita has a better chance of making an impact if it went that more indie theme route. Different/unusual games (especially since remote play is a big feature of the Vita)

joeorc1564d ago


"I wouldn't mind more unique games like Tearaway. Sure it isn't indie but it was a different experience. I have always thought the PSP image falls flat with big "AAA" games"

100% completely agree

Sony is [email protected] if they do or do not situation.

Many gamer's say, well why play it on the PSVita when i just can play that same game on the PS3!

So Sony has taken them up on the offer now PS4 games can be streamed to the PSVita! Even with PSVita games being made it's always seen as "just a freaking port" or its a tacked on spin off.

Sony cannot win, So going with mainly Indies is still like, Hey that's just a port of a game on a smartphone or that's just a casual game to play or Indies suck.

The many consumer's deserve this, they keep this up and Sony may just say, we are moving our mobile game option to smartphones and tablets and idirectly compete with Nintendo and be like Apple and Google, with Playstation Now, Playstation Mobile, I think we are in fact looking at the very last "Dedicated Game handheld console" from sony after the PSVita has run its course.

I say good, i would rather see the smartphones and Tablets with a bluetooth game pad support be the handheld direction Sony takes from here on out than see the same complaints over a portable playstation that many gamer's say serves no purpose anyway in the market.

At least they can give the smartphon market a better support mobile game support with sony 1st party teams and reach a larger install base that way than worry about a section of gamer's that seem to not care about a mobile playstation mobile game console anyway.

I like my PSVita alot, but the consumer has let down Sony not the other way around in my opinion.

we did not have two thumb sticks, now we do, we did not have games that look and play as somthing like uncharted on a mobile handheld game system, now we do..but yet never mind how long it takes to make those game's, many gamer's act like oh' its just a lame port.

Well imagine this part of the market with only option of Nintendo only handhelds, than people will get what they want. because that is exactly how its turning out.

dedicatedtogamers1564d ago

I want both, actually, and if Minecraft is any indication, indies can drive sales and entertainment even better than AAA titles in many cases.

Sony has been talking quite a lot about Vita with a lot of excitement, but it's time to show the goods. I love my Vita. I'm satisfied with it, but all this talk needs know...actually bear fruit. I thought #VitaJRPG was supposed to have results. Where are those JRPGs? We'd better see them this year.

Inception1564d ago

"I thought #VitaJRPG was supposed to have results. Where are those JRPGs? We'd better see them this year."

The result are FF X/X-2 HD, Conception 2, Demon Gaze, Mind Zero, Disgaea 4 Returns, Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky 2nd chap, and more.

Just be patient, this is just the 2nd month of 2014 and Shahid said he will announced more.

OrangePowerz1564d ago

Why? Indie games doesn't mean candy crush or Angry Birds. Outlast is miles better then the crap Resident Evil games in the last few years or the crap Silent Hill games nowadays.

BitbyDeath1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Exactly. Most people think indies only create mobile games which is just sad.

One of the best sim games of all time (Theme Park)was made by an indie.(Bullfrog)

How awesome were the original Command & Conquer games before EA gobbled them up?

Anyone remember those?

Many excellent games were made by indies.

come_bom1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

I agree. The Vita has very few AAA games. Most of Sony's studios are making games for the PS4. Sony completely forgot about the Vita. Vita is a good piece of hardware but with a poor library of games (very few quality games).

As for the Vita being a 2nd screen for PS4 games, who the hell cares for that? PS4 games i want to play on a TV or monitor... and not on the Vita. That functionality isn't going to save the Vita.

OrangePowerz1564d ago

I do. I use it every day at lunch break at work to play games via remote play when I don't play Vita games.

dcj05241564d ago

There is AAA games. People just ignore them

Inception1564d ago

Yeah, it's really sad when some people yelling they want AAA games but they ignore games like Tearaway.

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megazero121564d ago

getting warmed up for more ports

bothebo1564d ago

Lol other than the software being made by a few Japanese developer that's all were getting for the first half of the year! YAYYYYYYYYY great job Shahid!

AnotherProGamer1564d ago

Tell this man to ask Sony for a new Ape Escape and Medievil please

Fixay1564d ago

I'd like a Medievil too! Game was so good back on PS1

king_george1564d ago

Oh my god man if they brought those back it would be amazing

Fixay1564d ago

Just picked up a vita a few weeks ago and have been playing all of the PS+ games I'd built up. Really hope the Vita gets some games soon tho.

Would really like a tony hawks and a new burnout, games i loved on my ps2

XiSasukeUchiha1564d ago

Can't wait for the future Sony make us proud

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