CGM Sound Off: Xbox One and PS4 Not the Media Devices We Deserve

On this week’s Sound Off CGM Editor, Wayne shares his thoughts on the next gen consoles and how they are lacking as media devices.

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GiantEnemyCrab1563d ago

True that. They both fail when it comes to media services. They both have less than their predecessors. If you are buying either just for the media capabilities I would suggest you don't.

n4rc1563d ago

Agreed.. Both are fairly useless as of right now..

But dnla etc will come for both eventually

sigfredod1562d ago

just wow i know that ps4 is not at the level of the PS3 as a media device since i have it since day one, the focus on gaming and i love that, but the xbone is really a surprise, after all the media push of the all in one system for the living room, how could underperform in what was more advertised?

medman1562d ago

I'm glad both consoles are out, but they were definitely rushed to market by both companies to ensure that the other didn't have a large lead in advantage. They weren't really ready for primetime at launch, and still aren't, not where media services are concerned. There are still alot of bugs and missing features for both devices. It's to be expected to a certain degree, but I have to admit I'm a little surprised at the lack of features from both of them. It will come in time, no doubt. I'm really hoping the ps4 in particular has a way to patch the hdmi 1.4 format to the new hdmi 2.0 so that when ultra hd blu rays hit the market late this year/early 2015, the ps4 will be able to play 4k blu ray content. That is my wish.

curtis921563d ago

Last I checked, takes a lot to make a new system. Also last I checked nothing is set in stone and in the not too distant future these things will do far more than they do now. No patience...

matt1391563d ago

Xbox one can't even output dolby digital. It's a fucking joke. The ps4 is a downgraded ps3 when it comes to media capabilities so i don't understand how consoles invented years after the predecessors perform considerably worse.

riseer231563d ago

You realize when 360/Ps3 launched those consoles were barebone when it came to media features.It takes time to get all of these features.I would rather Sony to get the FW to work better.Media features will get here it takes time.I expect the 2.0 update to address some of the glaring issues like MP3 playback and DLNA.

FragMnTagM1563d ago

You are right, but comparatively the 360 had more features at launch in the form of media than the XBOX One does now.

You could play music with your games, rip cd's to the hard drive, stream media (music, video, pictures), and read video, music, and pictures from a USB stick.

The XBOX One does not support any of that except for streaming video and music and you have to do it a certain way that is not intuitive.

The PS4 doesn't do any of that at all I believe. Just got one yesterday and haven't tested everything yet but I remember reading that it doesn't stream video or music and cannot read USB drives yet.

Fizzgig1563d ago

But they are the devices we need right now.

Gamer781563d ago

These are game consoles with media capabilities, not the other way around. If people are looking for media devices then stick to smart phones and tablets. The reason I don't own an XB One because it is seemingly focused on media as opposed to games, at least right now. Peace.

riseer231563d ago

One device is more gaming then the other...

Gamer781563d ago

Agreed. Xbox is trying to be more media oriented no doubt.

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The story is too old to be commented.