Dying Light Developers Interview Sheds New Light On The Evolution Of Horror Gaming

As part of the next issue of their magazine, Skewed and Reviewed have posted selctions of their interview with the development team for Dying Light. The survival zombie action game is shaping up to be one of the biggest titles of 2014.

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Garethvk1466d ago

I have played it a couple of times and I liked what I saw. It is fast, intense, and brutal. The detail level of the maps was great and I am curious to see how the night combat will play out as I was only able to play two day scenarious at PAX Prime last Sep.

I liked how I could hack with a weapon or take a power hack and do some serious damage, but the speed was the biggest change from others like it.

Meltic1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

How was it with bugs and other issues ? and one more question. When do you Think it will come out ?

Garethvk1466d ago

What we played was controlled and limited but it did not seem to have any big issues. I had thought it was coming in April but based on the interview and some other things I am wondering if Fall is more likely. I could see them doing some polish and such to show it off at E3 in June and launching soon after.

Meltic1466d ago

Cool thx for the info. You answer better than Tymon does. Ive asked him a few question about the game but he rather not tell me much. My game store is keep telling me that april is more likely a release date. But Watch dogs is coming then meaby so i Think dying light will prob wait until Watch dogs announce a date.

Garethvk1466d ago

You are welcome. Mind you I am just guessing but it is not unheard of for games to change release dates as you know. When I worked for some publishers years ago it all depened on many factors. I know one publisher who did not care that the game did not work properly and had issues, they said it was past time and over budget and shipped a game that nobody in QA would even sign off on as stable.

Others have said ok, we are going to wait and keep polishing it to make the best possible game we have as the extra time and money are worth it.

Warner Bros is the big money behind it so I think they will be smart and wait as the last Batman game while good, did not get the response they had hoped and I think they see Dying Light as a potential big franchise and want to take their time.

Now of course developers will always wish they had more time and money as they always can find new things to include but so far so good from what I have seen and played.