Final Fantasy XIII – A Tale of Gaming’s Greatest Overreaction

There are few games in existence that can rile people up as much as Final Fantasy XIII. Here, Gamemoir takes a look at why, four years down the road, Final Fantasy XIII still gets under the skin of gamers.

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DragonPs41472d ago

Yeah Hope, Lightning, Snow, do I have to say anything else?

minimur121472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

I think this and the recent DmC can be given the gamers over-reaction award, people went crazy over DmC and completely played it off. it is a great game, everyone who played it off should give it a go but it's a shame because their pre judging has tainted their view of it, it's like when you don't like someone, everything they do, good or bad pisses you off haha


If you look at the disagrees/agrees, you'll find that they even out at 50/50. So this game may be seen as excruciatingly bad overall, but 50% of gamers like the games.

caseh1472d ago

Final Fantasy XIII – A Tale of Gaming’s Greatest Overhyped Turd

pompombrum1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

Because it's been four years since release yet there are still games coming out based on it despite it being nothing more than a decent game at best, mediocre FF game at worst?

DragonPs41472d ago

FF13 is the worst Final Fantasy game that I have ever played.

Agent20091472d ago

I stopped playing it after 15 minutes. I couldn't take this shit anymore.

caseh1472d ago

I endured it till the last boss, then it suddenly dawned on me that it was going to take 30 minutes of paradigm shifts. I traded it in the next day haha, only FF game I've started and not completed.

CrossingEden1472d ago

So basically you watched the first cutscene and read the first page of the tutorial and said no without even playing the game? Thanks for letting us know how invalid your opinion is.

LightofDarkness1472d ago (Edited 1472d ago )

This game has probably the worst story-telling of the entire series. And that's saying a lot, because this series has been around since 1987. Practically none of the plot, character info, motivations or world lore are relayed through actual exposition via cutscenes. Instead, players are asked to read through a mine of datalogs, which have key story elements hidden in them (often in places you'd never even think to look). They are also doled out in a non-cohesive manner, which means even if you read through them all, you'd still have to go back and forth putting them in sequence to make head or tails of it. And this is all compounded by the mind-numbing plot holes and inconsistencies, poor pacing and myriad pointless cutscenes filled with cliched posturing and misplaced melodrama that could have been used to expose more plot.

Again, characters were the biggest flaw. I cared about maybe Sazh and that's it. Fang was a cool character, but I was never particularly invested in her. Snow, Hope and Vanille were just absolutely annoying beyond belief, there was seemingly no attempt made to endear me to any of them, just having them enact a bunch of grating genre tropes without any rhyme or reason. And then there's Lightning, who had less motivation and connection to the plot than just about every other character in the game, yet SHE is the main character? She has the personality of a doorstop to boot, so why her? It was just a very poor decision and design choice, that somehow managed to pervade the two subsequent entries as well, showing a continued ignorance/lack of awareness and an apparent inability to learn from their mistakes.

High production values do not a good game make, nor can they mask the glaring faults of a bad game to anyone who is not so easily swayed by flashing lights and pretty things. It isn't mediocre. It's bad. There's little to play, no room for exploration or reward for curiosity, a thin and uninvolved battle system and a story that probably didn't need to be told, and was possibly a bad idea to tell. What's there to like? This was supposed to be an RPG, so tell me: on what scale does this even rate as mediocre?

DragonPs41472d ago

The combat in FF13 was fun and I liked the long battles so I had no problems with the gameplay. My dislike of FF13 has always been the characters and voice acting.

I like Cloud,Tidus,Yuna,Freya,Zidane, Kimarhi,Turks from previous FF games. I find the characters in FF13 to be weak and to be honest I didn't get the story.

I'm not allowed to dislike hope because I like Cloud?

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