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Hardcore Gamer: It might be hard to believe, but there was a time when vector graphics were seen as the future of video games. Arcade titles like Tempest and systems like the Vectrex held to those principles although they ended up as just another passing fad. Tempest, however, has not died. Tempest 2000 came as practically the only worthwhile game on Atari Jaguar and quickly garnered a following. Jeff Minter’s wild recreation of the arcade classic became a much-loved hit. Space Giraffe was a later, even trippier jaunt through Tempest territory but unfortunately landed without much attention. Now that the Vita is becoming an indie platform, Jeff Minter and Llamasoft are at it again. TxK is the latest rebirth of a now 30 year old game and it stands as another fantastically modern interpretation.

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ChaosKnight1593d ago

#1 best selling game in Colorado.

PeaSFor1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

if you like Tempest and trippy game.... buy it in a heartbeat!

for 7,99$ this game is MEGAWESOME!!