Tropico 5 screenshots show deco skyscrapers, beaches and a tornado

More screenshots from Tropico 5, courtesy of Kalypso. These ones show some of the various island buildings through the ages and a rather menacing tornado.

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KonsoruMasuta1471d ago (Edited 1471d ago )

Can't wait. I loved Tropic 4!

I kind of wish they would add a little more variety to the buildings though, or at least let us change then color scheme so our islands don't look so copy and paste.

3-4-51470d ago

Is it going to crash saves or completely erase them or not allow the game to run smooth with a 500+ pop like in Tropico 3 & 4 ?

The last two games were the complete opposite of quality. Great concept, but it's not fun when the game doesn't work properly 100% of the time.

FarEastOrient1470d ago

This is coming to X360 but not the X1, why?

ElementX1471d ago

Tropico 5 is of my most anticipated games

webeblazing1471d ago

I want more interactions with other countries. I want to cause havok to countries like assassinate their president or bomb their base that we let them build in our country etc. I like starting off peaceful then later turn into the devil

KonsoruMasuta1471d ago

Yeah, I really wished we could go to war in Topico 4. The military served little purpose other than fighting off rebels.