“Battlefield 4 is an Exceedingly Successful Product,” says EA

EA believes that despite BF4's rocky launch, it is an extremely successful game.

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JoGam1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Successful at not testing updates before releasing them.

Did the consumers actually ask for more Lag in the game?

GarrusVakarian1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

EA being EA, lots of money = successful. They don't give a *** about the state of their games, or us, or this industry, if it makes a lot of money then it is successful.

In an industry created and sustained by people with passion and creative minds, EA have such a cold, corporate way of viewing/doing things. Just look at how they talk about one of their games - "Exceedingly Successful Product", it's not a game to them it's a product, a soulless money maker, ugh. They make me sick to my stomach. Thank god i didn't buy BF4 myself. If i had one wish it would be to rid this industry of the swarm of locusts that is EA. My dislike for EA is so great that it makes my dislike for MS look like love.

Naga1617d ago

Exactly. You can clearly tell what metric of "success" is being utilized here.

malokevi1617d ago

Well that was a post just riddled with hate. Must get tiring.

Unfortunately for you, you missed out on what is easily the best game on either console right now. Hating MS and EA, you must often find yourself limited from good experiences.

not me though!


nbtc9711617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

@malokevi You are the reason the gaming industry sucks and isn't getting better. Demand better games and STOP pre-ordering from EA.

malokevi1617d ago

OOPS! =D Didn't mean to destroy the industry!

Ah... who am I kidding, I couldn't care less! I'm still happy! If you aren't, maybe you should take up Tennis or something.

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Utalkin2me1617d ago

Actually i think it attracted more idiots aka COd players too.

VENOMACR12271617d ago

As it is now, the game isnt bad. But at the launch (I have an X1) it was terrible to play. You'd get kicked to the dashboard, no sound for majority of the map, lagging everywhere, etc etc.

Still some issues but its better. The 0 health thing annoys me. If you have 0 health, your dead. I also hate the no sound for the first minute of a match if your in a vehicle. Lastly, the bullet lag is really annoying. Your getting shot, get behind a wall, and die 2 seconds later.

BF is still one of the most frustrating games because the BS that occurs is through the roof.

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XiSasukeUchiha1617d ago

Sale wise but not quality wise !

DxTrixterz1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Just pretty much that shows them that they don't really need to put a lot of effort in their games and they can get off with anything (the state that BF4 is in right now is simply unnacceptable for that price we paid). I would already expect at this point that their next games will be buggy as hell and they wouln't even give a little d*** about it as long as they'll make $$$

Eonjay1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

Notice that they refer to it as a product and not a game/experience or something a little more inspiring. I wonder if they even enjoy making it. Its just a product. Where is their pride? Its actually a really great shooter series.

DxTrixterz1617d ago

Let me quote:
Where is their pride? Its actually a really great shooter series

It used to be a great shooting series. Up until BFBC2 after that it kinda became COD like (still better but it's mostly all about money now).

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