Sony: “PS4 ‘generally sold out at all retailers"

It is still early on since the releases of the X1 and PS4. Lots have been reported about the sales figures on the two consoles and it would seem Sony has a real winner on its hands. During an internal meeting, Sony stated its recent sales figures are overwhelmingly positive and the numbers of consoles being sold are still screaming.

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GarrusVakarian1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

If the PS4 is selling out like it is now despite apparently having "NO GAMEZ!", then i can't imagine what's going to happen when the big hitters start releasing soon. It's going to be dryer than the Sahara out there.

Abash1619d ago

The PS4 is just a few months old, right now Sony is just letting it sell itself. They haven't even begun fighting in the "console war", but I have a feeling it'll be after the Japanese PS4 launch is out of the way. inFAMOUS: Second Son and MLB 14: The Show are really going to drive sales for the PS4 this Spring

amiga-man1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Generally sold out so long after launch is a very impressive start for the PS4, who would have thought demand would still be outstripping supply at this stage.

Official numbers are going to be very interesting.

scott1821619d ago

should be even crazier when it is out in Japan.

MRMagoo1231619d ago

They will continue to be sold out for a long time i feel, my local EB games still has 200 ppl on the waiting list, thats just one store in my local area.

Anon19741618d ago

Yeah, I'm on a waiting list at my local PlayNTrade as well. I don't think it's 200 people long, but still no PS4 for me and no idea when they'll get more stock in.

Minimox161618d ago

@ scott182

When its out in Japan? :O

CrazedFiend1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )


In 10 days.

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Palitera1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

One inFAMOUS to rule them all!

ThePope1619d ago

Since when is Infamous such a big game? 1 and 2 never got this kind of hype, or love from reviews or consumers who vote with their wallet.

I'm not saying it didn't sell ok, or get ok reviews, but man it's apparently the next GTA!

Palitera1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

8.8 average user review on Gamespot is not good enough? 3 millions sales (only on disc) for a game that became free on PS+ ain't it either?

Why the buzz? Because this is the first and only next-gen open world game releasing soon.

Watch Dogs is cross-gen (therefore 'limited by old-gen' + cute graphics) and if you say Dead Rising is next gen you'd better be kidding.

Later we will have The Witcher 3 and Shadows of Mordor, but neither is sandbox.

Damn, why I am stating facts here? Damn! You got me. Downvoted so we will have less of you in the future.

OrangePowerz1619d ago

I can't speak for other people but I was already hyped for the first two games and I'm now for Second Son.

WeAreLegion1619d ago

Let me use God of War III as an example. God of War I and II actually didn't do very well, as far as sales go. Then, III comes out with huge hype and a great reception from critics and gamers. It sold much better than the first two. inFamous deserves to be a massive seller. It is one of the best franchises of last generation.

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

Guys, I played through the InFamous 1 demo at least 20 times as I had no money to buy it ...beat that. I love this series, even got Platinum in IF1.

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ThePope1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Not trolling here. But I've seen multiple at 2 Targets and 1 Best Buy. Have not looked everywhere, but where I live they are very available.

To those who will disagree unless you're my neighbor, how can you disagree? lol


Go to Minnesota, and head to Maple Grove or Ridgedale Target & Best Buy

LordMaim1619d ago

Which ones, so I can make a killing on eBay?

ThunderSpark1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )


Next time you go out and see this supposed shelf full of PS4s, write down "thePope" on a piece of paper, take a picture of that and all those PS4s, and post it here online. And no photoshopping either. Thanks.

Until then, you will forever be known as the N4G troll.

mydyingparadiselost1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Same here, I went to Target to pick up SMB3DW and there were two PS4 systems. Also went to a GameStop and they were easily available there as well. This is in Oklahoma by the way.

Unreal011619d ago

"Not trolling here but."

Ah the motto of the Microbots.

pinkyxyz1618d ago

They were available here in jacksonville about 2 weeks ago. I picked one up at gamestop at that time and I saw 3 in target earlier this week. Its still pretty hard to find if you are only looking online, but there is a good chance that you can find some stragglers in some stores.

PS4isKing_821618d ago

Just checked the target stores in and around maple grove and they all list ps4 as "sold out".

Source "target app zip code search"

JustPlay41618d ago

Where I live there are no ps3 or ps4 to be found but there a lot of 360 and x1 at every store I go to, maybe my city is full of ps fans lol

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HomerJDog1619d ago

I just went to gamestop and best buy and they both had plenty of stock and I live in Chicago don't know why they say they are sold out everywhere. must be for marketing purposes

FITgamer1619d ago

That's why it says "generally sold out" meaning not completely. Not a single Gamestop, Best Buy, or Wal-Mart here in the Phoenix area have PS4's available.

Mr-Dude1619d ago

They are all sold out here in Holland. Preorders are full till may. Every retailer even the big ones like or mediamarkt, gamemania dont take preorders anymore. They first need to finish the old preorders. Same goes for pretty much the rest of the EU

Kryptix1619d ago

I live in Chicago myself (Back of the Yards) and I don't see any of the $400 priced PS4s anywhere. Maybe I'm not lucky enough to be there the day they're put on stock but from retailers, they told me they go out in less than an hour.
(Look at the date)

AndrewLB1618d ago

FITgamer- Actually one of the Best Buy's in Phoenix has them in stock. look.

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memots1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

dude ps4 has more "gamez" than Xbox one and yet i still keep seing this "Teh no Gamez" comment on here.

Here is the list of all and announced games including multiplat,

Now tell me... What list is longer ?

mediate-this1619d ago

Talking bout launch games bucko.

ColeMacGrath1619d ago

Dark Sorcerer isn't a game though

jacksjus1619d ago

It really doesn't matter what software they release, because you can't sell more than you're capable of making. Sony's problem right now is hardware output. I'd say come July you will be able to just walk into any GameStop and pick up a PS4.

jessupj1618d ago

It's nice to see Sony saying the more accurate "generally sold out", instead of the ludicrous and blatant trickery of announcing "xbones sold out at retailers all over the world" like a certain other company did.

Will be interesting to see the NPD results in the coming months now that most of the core xbox fans most likely have their xbone by now.

Magicite1618d ago

Netflix with share button and Playroom is what draws a lot of people too. Not to mention all superior multiplats.

Chris5581618d ago

it is sold out here in Slovakia too the demand is crazy even finding waldo would bee easier

Gamer19821618d ago

Went into GAME today they told me each store gets 5-6 consoles twice a week. They have 77 stores in total.. so that's around 924 consoles a week and he told me they always sell out the same day. If I wanted one to ring up that morning at time of opening and ask if they received them.

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AngelicIceDiamond1619d ago

Great news.

Glad PS4 is still selling well.

Benjammin251619d ago

I got mine two weeks ago and I'm absolutely loving it. Playstation Plus alone is enough to keep you busy until the big hitters arrive. Outlast and Resogun FTW.

AceofStaves1619d ago

Agreed. I could kick myself for not getting Plus earlier.

Christopher1619d ago

I think stock limitations right now are exacerbated by the upcoming Japan release. They want to have a lot on hand for that and I think that takes away from other regions.

ExPresident1619d ago

I'm a pretty big Sony fan, but I'd agree with this. I mean its a PR win to say they are generally sold out, while you are hoarding the supply for an upcoming release in your home territory. Japan is a sure win for them as well so works out for them in the end.

I have no doubt the console is selling well still, numbers show that, but this is a PR statement at its best.

Bathyj1619d ago

Yeah they're "hold out"with stock for Japan, yet still supplying as much as Xbone. It's not holding out, the rest of the world is getting their fair share, Japan deserves to as well

BitbyDeath1619d ago

I'd be surprised if Sony ships more than a million consoles out to Japan at launch.

Christopher1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Yeah, but that's 1 million less being shipped overall. Meaning it's 1 million less potential sales they could have made already. And that would be about 20% of what they've sold so far.

mediate-this1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

I dont think japan will be a factor in console sales, obviously sony will do okay there, jspan is about their hamd helds. Every generation japan buys less n less hardware.

BitbyDeath1619d ago


Looks like things are changing as Japan appears to be selling out on PS4's just as fast as every other country in the world.

The PS4 Sells Out Faster than Hotcakes at All Major Japanese Retailers; In Most Cases Within Minutes

Sony Japan President: PS4 Pre-orders are "Very Strong;" Production Enhanced to Meet Demand

PS4 Gets “Last Batch” on Amazon Japan Before Launch; Sells Out Again in a Couple Hours

Bathyj1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Well its gonna sell at least as much as PS3 did, more likely better. If it does, thats 10M sales in its lifetime in that region that Xbone will never get. Thats not nothing.

Last gen Japan was actually the difference maker as USA and Europe cancelled each other out. This gen, PS4 is slightly ahead in USA, over double in Europe, and Japan will be 10:1 drumming.

Christopher1618d ago

Most importantly, Bathyj, how well it does in Japan will determine the number of JRPGs that will be available on the PS4.

Stedron1618d ago

@cgoodno: please be true, This is also what im hoping for

Gamer19821618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Thats the thing though Sonys nearly 2 million over MS. When it launches in Japan its gonna jump to 3 million (3.4 million XBONES sold so far) that's nearly DOUBLE the XBONE sales worldwide.. That's where I think MS will truly be worried. I don't think a single game will help MS get out of Sony selling double the amount of consoles..

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KrisButtar1619d ago

I have friends on waiting lists

TheOrder18861619d ago

And there are not even, in my opinion exclusives, I really want to play. Nice!

BattleTorn1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Hmmm, I wonder what game you're wanting for....

Seriously, who disagrees with such an obvious joke below?!?

GW2121619d ago

Probably Titanfall or Quantum Break ;)