Ornate Bank Heist Gameplay Leaks; Rockstar Announces V-Day Update and New DLC

JunkieMonkeys: "Trevcraft, who played quite a huge part in the whole DNS/Moneyocalpyse fiasco, has posted the first glimpse of Heists since the GTAO launch trailer. I cannot confirm the legitimacy of this footage, as I don't use DNS servers and I obviously haven't played it myself. Taken at face value, this seems pretty solid."


Heists video/mission confirmed to be real, and playable only through DNS servers.

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TheBurger291502d ago

Lost interest in this game long ago. The bad sport system and STILL no heist in mp has really ruined it for me. The game is boring

BattleTorn1502d ago

They'll have to do a nextgen version to get me re-interested.

Not that I want to repay for that game. But maybe it looks/runs slightly better.

SolidStoner1502d ago

lets hope.. because my ps3 version still has issues.. and dont know why I always start in empty rooms and have to figure out stupid ways to get some connection with people.. (dont tell me about the internet connection and router.. that stuff is purely GTA fault!)

also.. the overall stupidity of random votes with random people count in random lobbies, people get separated all the time, or just randomly quit... it all is a big mess and gets boring, it takes hours to start playing... game itself is brilliant, that world with people and everything... views, sunsets, missions... rare stuff..

jayswolo1502d ago

the simple fact is that Rockstar cannot handle the supply/demand at hand. Not with this kind of game. All these content updates mean nothing because actually playing them is a grind in itself. The party system, the horrid job lobby system, etc. Nothing really attractive there and it all detracts from what could be a consistently wonderful experience.

dazzrazz1502d ago

Same here, sold the game multiplayer was the weakest link those features should be there from the start.

FunkMacNasty1501d ago

Same here. I found that the only jobs to do that made decent money and XP were races, then R* nerfed the payouts so that races werent even worth it.. I got so into GTAO, then after all the patches and "updates" where R* basically turned the whole game into a boring grind to prompt consumers to buy the shark cards from the the DLC store..

Also, the fact that if you wnated to do some missions, you'd pick and complete one from the map but then the next jobs the lobby screen continually offers are limited to parachute races, team deathmatch, or bicycle races.

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Fixay1502d ago

It's sometimes near impossible to play with your friends... out of nowhere everyone has apparently 'Left' the session and you have to go through the process of inviting them or joining their session all over again.

Also I wish they allowed games to be hosted in certain areas, like in GTA IV. Was more fun as everyone was close by imo

jayswolo1502d ago

I would say it's a generation behind but I don't think any game has used a matchmaking/party system as poor as this game.

yezz1502d ago

That "left" problem is NAT related. It causes connection problems with other games too..

I remember playing COD back in the day and there were only few friends that could host a party so that everyone could join. I'm not sure if opening ports will help you but give it a try.

jayswolo1502d ago

I've been in a session with nothing but close friends and we all have either NAT 1 or 2. It happens every other week.

SneakyDoo1502d ago

What's with all the complaining? At least there's a new update, pretty cool in my opinion- I like the whole Mafia theme. And online heists aren't nothing to anticipate THAT greatly. Why is everyone so obsessed with "when are heists coming!?" You saw the leak, it's nothing special- just another archetypal mission, but this time It takes place in a large bank interior and you get more money at the end. Besides, all you complain about is "oh, I have no money. Everything a grind." Well, I'm sure you purchased everything (best apartment, all the super cars, clothing etc...) considering the exploits lasted nearly a month, and the popular glitch where you sell a car, last over 2 weeks.

jayswolo1502d ago

There are a ton of core problems with the game, and releasing more and more content, especially stuff no one is really asking for, doesn't help. Also, that is beta gameplay. The first SP was just as simple.

FunkMacNasty1501d ago

"you complain about is "oh, I have no money. Everything a grind.""

not for nothin, but when you sink 2 hours of play into a game, do a bunch of game activities and earn only 4,000 in-game dollars, and the average weapon mod, car mod, clothing article costs between $5-10,000... that IS THE definition of a "grind", my friend.

Playing for 4+ hours and being barely able to upgrade your charcter/vehichles without taking advantage of glitches IS a grind. I'm sorry, but it just is.

twosolitudes1501d ago

If you can only manage $4k in two hours, then I have news for you… it's not the games fault.

jdaboss1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Rockstar is doing a really sh!tty job of keeping people interested in this game, waaaaaay to slow with the updates and DLC announcements. The slow announcements may have worked with GTAIV because we were in the middle of last generation. You cant release a 360/PS3 game at the tail end of last generation and expect people to still care when PS4 and XBOXONE games are wowing people almost 6 months later. People have moved on.

Audiggity1501d ago

Waaaay to slow? Really?

They've released more DLC since the launch of GTA:O than any other game I've seen. Or are you just pretending that new game modes, mission editors, missions, weapons, patches and tweaks don't count?

Copy and Past of Duty has released one DLC pack since launch, it's ratings are horrid, and guess what?! It's just MORE OF THE SAME.

Meanwhile, Rockstar is building Heists, Casinos, more mission editor features, more tweaks/patches and more often than not - next gen and PC versions of the game that I'd bet money will allow us to port our characters over.

You think these are small feats? No, releasing map packs for a recycled FPS is a small feat in comparison. Chill out. If you aren't interested that's on you homey.

sovietsoldier1502d ago

they need to do more single player content as online is dead to me after the whole fiasco.

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