Pay To Use Your Own Headset on the Xbox One

CCC Says: "Do you have a gaming headset that you love? Maybe it’s one of those special limited edition Call of Duty headsets that are only available through tournaments and media events. Maybe it’s a swanky sound canceling headset designed for voice acting work. Maybe it’s just your first headset and you are the sentimental type? Heck, there are plenty of gamers out there that still use their old Karaoke Revolution mics as hardcore gaming headsets."

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megazero121441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

no you are paying to use your headset that you bought for the 360,pc to work on a system that you never knew about in the first place.

They could have easily said screw it, you need to buy a new one, putting your $200-300 headset to waste.

You bought a 360 controllers aswell that can work on pc, should you also expect it to work on the xbox one.

DevilishSix1440d ago

My $250 Astro A20's work on the PS4 but not X1. I bought them for my 360. It needs a patch for chat but the 5.1 surround sound works. So you excuse is silly and your defending MS nickel and diming ways.

n4rc1440d ago


Its not about nickle and dining.. Its about moving away from the crap 2.5mm analog to USB digital..

Progress doesn't wait for people to catch up.. I can name countless instances where old technology gets phased out to make way for the new..

It always annoys some but it can't be avoided

XiSasukeUchiha1441d ago

Really wow unless you have an super cheap one this kind of stupid in a sense!

aviator1891441d ago

I thought we knew this months ago when ms announced they'll have an adapter available for x1 users with xbox 360/pc headsets?
Obviously, the adapter would have to be bought and there's no other way to use your old headsets on the xbox one without an adapter.

PsylentKiller1440d ago

You can modify the headset that came with the xbox to use your headsets instead of waiting for this new adapter. It cost me about $2 but if you can't get access to a soldering iron and solder then you'll need to purchase that as well.
I did it a few days after launch and my Astro A50s work great.

Bdub20001440d ago

PM me some instructions brother!

GameingmyLife1440d ago

this article is stupid..... sorry....

Mystogan1440d ago

you're Trying too hard...