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Hardcore Gamer: The Fabula Nova Crystallis series has certainly been a strange amalgamation of video game design philosophies. First we were given the divertive Final Fantasy XIII — a title that aggressively divided fans and critics alike due to its hand-holding nature and restrictive parameters — and then Square bestowed upon us its sequel, an installment sound in gameplay conventions, but a total disaster storyline-wise. So at this point, then, we must ask ourselves a series of critical questions, first and foremost: where does this third entry fit into the trilogy? Does it improve upon its source’s linearity; does it tell a tale that is actually coherent; is it more than just dressing Lightning up in a horde of costumes and parading her around the eclectic world of Novus Chrysalia? It’s time to answer those queries. So let’s get right to it.

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ChaosKnight1623d ago

Big surprise, another crappy Final Fantasy XIII game.

Maybe they should just let the series die.