Dark Souls 2 Starting Class / Customization / Gifts Guide

"Take a quick look at the details for starting out From Software's open world action game."

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Timesplitter141350d ago

Raise your hand if you think reading Dark Souls wiki and designing character builds in your head is hours of fun

JsonHenry1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I remember doing this for the first game. Only there was so much bad/wrong information being passed as fact during the first few days I screwed a lot of things up and ended up restarting and rolling a Pyro instead.

Roccetarius1349d ago

''and a mysterious pendant item which ‘might be useful one day.’ Hopefully, this isn’t a cruel joke.''

You mean like the first pendant? :)

pecorre1349d ago

I'll still take the pendant.

Swiggins1349d ago

Hmmm, I'll have to know the stat distribution for the various classes before I pick. For example, if you wanted a spell-caster in the previous DS, the Pyromancer was actually the better choice because of his decent attacking stats, SL1 starting point, and decent intelligence (he was only slighly lacking in intelligence and came with only one fewer ATT slots from the start)