Why an Industry Crash Could be A Good Thing

Why we need not fear the possible collapse of the current gaming establishment.

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kalkano1441d ago

I've been saying this for years. You have to tear it down, before you can start rebuilding.

"We’ve reached a sweet spot where artistic interactive storytelling, astonishing visuals, excellent soundtracks, and genuine fun have all come together to make it a something for everyone catch-all entertainment behemoth."

I wholeheartedly disagree. That was the PS2 era. I'm bored with modern gaming.

kingdip901441d ago

I agree, while I know that gaming has always been a business I feel that now more than ever marketing campaign and hype trains are dominated by the companies making games and not the people previewing them... I've been dissapointed by far to many a commercial release these days by false promises made by game developers.

Sure there is the odd diamond in the rough but very rarely this past couple of years have I played anything worth the $60 most games cost to play.

zero_gamer1440d ago

With NIS, Atlus, Xeed, Level 5, etc. I don't want gaming to crash. Gamers complain about lack of originality in games, but overlook niche titles for being "too different" or "too weird."

Do most gamers even know what they want?

SteamPowered1440d ago

Gamers have a serious sense of entitlement. Its sad but true. For all the choices of platforms and the bazillions of games out there, Gamers just seem to want more for less.

Soldierone1440d ago

I see that too. People beg for "creative" titles, then few of us actually buy them and enjoy them. Meanwhile most of the group just goes to stand in line for COD or Battlefield, or whatever shooter instead.

And we wonder why creativity is lost? No one wants to support anything that isn't "realistic." And those of us that do are too small. This is the only positive side of digital coming on strong, we will get those games again.

ShaunCameron1440d ago

And they have the nerve to blame the casuals and dudebros for the industry's current creativity woes. LOL

crazysammy1440d ago

If you are bored with modern gaming I suggest you start hitting the indies. I would agree to some extent that a lot of $60 titles are unoriginal and boring but that's why the digital marketplaces are so awesome right now. I have been gaming since the Colecovision and I am loving games right now. Just need to find the ones that are original and good.

Baccra171440d ago

The Golden Era of Gaming certainly was grand. Those Ps2/O-Xbox halcyon days...

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solidsheep1441d ago

When gamers want the industry to crash, this is the first thing that pops in my head.

WeAreLegion1440d ago

I doubt the big four would let it come to that, honestly. The film industry will crash before games do again. Just look at 2015's film release schedule. Go ahead.

SteamPowered1440d ago

Very true. Hollywood is slowly dying. Nobody wants to pay theatre prices and Hollywood keeps shipping out crap. It will not end well.

WeAreLegion1440d ago

That's why indie films get more popular every day. There is less and less room for non-blockbuster studio films.

Baccra171440d ago

Thing is though a lot of movies found to be crap/sh*t here in the states do very well overseas cause people there find them easier to follow, understand, and get into. Games if they are crap in one place, will be crappy elsewhere. Games have way too many things to deal with so I think movies are far better place than gaming.

Blues Cowboy1440d ago

Very astute, well-reasoned article. Makes a change to OMFG1080pWTF!?! or the usual doomslinging.

I'd hate my favourite hobby to implode, but then again, I mainly play small indie titles these days because the big games ask for too much money in exchange for so little innovation. They'd still be around after any collapse, as would anything worth salvaging.

When EA launches two broken games in one year, then starts the next one with abusive F2P bullsh*t, maybe it's time to clean house.

Timesplitter141440d ago

I am in favor of a games industry crash right now.

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