ittle Dew Release Date Update, Wii U Gameplay Trailer

ittle Dew seems like it’s been coming to the Wii U eShop for a long time now, fortunately that wait is nearly over. When speaking with Ludosity founder Joel Nystrom, he revealed that while the date is not yet set in stone, together with Nintendo progress is being made to ensure it keeps it’s Q1 launch window.

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drop_dead_ed141618d ago

Does anyone else feel like this is teetering on "Goof Troop" territory?

If that's the case then that is awesome! I used to love playing that game, if only it was two player co-op than that would be great.

brewin1618d ago

Its a Zelda-like title. They actually pitched this as a Zelda title to Nintendo, but Nintendo obviously chooses to keep Zelda under their guidance... Even though they let capcom make some zelda games on the GBA. Go figure. looks nice anyway!