CGM Reviews: Bravely Default

JRPG’s have become relics this past generation. With a lack of innovation, and an overdose of nostalgia, it’s hard to recommend many modern counterparts of the genre. Then along comes Bravely Default, a little title that promises to bring relevance to a dying breed. With twists like a random encounter slider, Default spins the way we thought turn-based combat works on its head. Add customizable difficulty settings, and the game sets itself up as a revolution, rather than just a step forward. Unfortunately, beneath the changes lie the traditional genre we once cherished; just updated for a newer console.

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for we are many1590d ago

Sorry, I have to disagree, this is one of the best RPGs in a long time and certainly among the finest games produced by Square/Enix. This isn't empty talk, I am about to finish the game maybe tonight or tomorrow, near perfect RPG with so much content, different classes, strategic and fun battle system, beautiful visuals and use of 3D, and deep gameplay design, we need more of this please.