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Jennifer Taylor: "When it comes to four-player co-op, Turtle Rock Studios know their stuff. From the team that brought us Left for Dead, which we all know is a masterpiece in its genre, we now have Evolve – a four person team with a range of skills hunting down a monster; the fifth player.

But who makes up your hunting squad? Each of the four characters have their own unique abilities, and all must work together to create a harmonious team to rival the giant that is the opposing monster. You have your traditional assault soldier, Markov, who deals the most amount of damage to the monster. He wields a mighty, close-range lightning gun, an assault rifle, and the ability to drop mines which are so helpful within the mobile arena… a huge bubble that traps the monster for a set amount of time, dropped by your trapper member of the team – Griffin. The arena isn’t his only ability – he can also harpoon the monster to slow him down, and lay sound spikes to help you locate your prey."

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