No Plans For PS4/PS Vita Bundle

Sony hardware marketing exec John Koller thinks such a bundle is an "interesting proposition," but it's not in the works right now.

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XiSasukeUchiha1532d ago

That sucks i hoping for one too actually !

ArchangelMike1532d ago

meh... it'll be a bundle by Christmas. They probably don't want to bundle it now due to the price issue. With the Vita slim being released, the price of the 'phat' Vita will start to drop. They'll probably want to bundle the 'phat' vita with a PS4 to lower the price of the bundle to make it competitive.

PoSTedUP1532d ago

'shucks... there was a rumor, but its also possible that they dont want ppl to think one is comming soon so they sell 'em separately. a bundle would be a totally sick idea.

MarvelFan881532d ago

I don't want to believe this! Misdirection hopefully...

Stick891532d ago

Not really sure it would sell all that well. What would they even price it at? $550? I mean yeah it would be cool to get both in the same box but Sony isn't in a position to lose much money right now so you wouldn't be saving a whole lot on the bundle.

I just don't think the demand is really there for them to justify a bundle. I think right now it's fine the way it is. If you buy a PS4 and want a Vita, just go and buy a Vita, or wait till you find one on sale.

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The story is too old to be commented.