(GamesBeat) Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns' combat makes up for its story, barely (review)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII sports the best battle system in the franchise, set against one of its worst stories.

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Sadie21001473d ago

Are people still excited about Final Fantasy anything? Honest question -- no snark intended.

Godmars2901473d ago

Question does not compute. Honestly.

Like in most modern things fans have either drunk the Koolaid, Square can do no wrong and should be forgiven when they do - otherwise they'll go out of business and we wont get games like FF13 (think about it) - or they're like me: cynical bastards.

The latter category, from my POV anyway, wants Square to get over and move on from FF13 but by all real indications Square Enix is not and will never be Squaresoft. That barring the impossible the company will never be creative much less entertaining and will only wallow in pretentiousness and nostalgia until it closes its doors.

Still for some witless reason we hope otherwise.

sashimi1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

I'm excited for the fan translation of Final Fantasy Type 0, and my recently purchased FF3(psp version) from the psn store...and FFX|X-2 HD collection.

But thats about it really.

Last_Boss1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Of course we/they are. People wouldn't waste time & energy on commenting if they didn't care. In that though, lies a self deluded opinion of entitlement. The main thing is do want to play it or, keep playing the same thing you have been since the new system launches. Because of this series roots, people feel the need to soap box their feelings. Half these review sites don't even critique them with, the customer in mind. What you have is individuals who want free games, at the cost of your entertainment. Final Fantasy has new blood, that needs to follow its roots in some aspects. The creator of thus series has came from an era of stories, and made Hus mark. All in all, what should have been one game, became a trilogy, which started as 4 seperate games. If I can play Enslaved I can play this.

kalkano1473d ago

Just Bravely Default (which is closer to Final Fantasy than this game).

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darkronin2291473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Is it worth getting through both FFXIII and FFXIII-2 before playing this? My save file for the former died with my old PS3, so I'd have to start over (ugh). And I just bought FFXIII-2 for cheap from the recent PSN sale.

NagaSotuva1473d ago

Can't get excited for this when FFX/X-2 HD is right around the corner.

Tolkoto1473d ago

Can't touch Bravely Default.

Godmars2901473d ago

Except by all counts its a FF title in all but name. Is poised to be run into the ground with yearly installments which wont even bother with different entry names or subtitles.

wita1473d ago

Enough with the FFXIIIs!

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