EA: Titanfall is a ‘Franchise That Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time’

Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said Tuesday that Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is a franchise the publisher sees as having long-term appeal.

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ZodTheRipper1529d ago

Can't wait for it to be CoD-fied.

SmielmaN1529d ago

Exactly. A two studio, holiday release, marginally updated game with movie stars in the commercials. That's the model they are looking at a la activision. Ugh... I hope it's more innovative, but if we are being honest they are gunning for the COD/BF crowd and when u keep adding FPS's the market gets a bit saturated. I mean my first two ps4 purchSes were killzone and BF. Now, I would rather play anything but a shooter for a while.

Maybe I'll forgo all FPS's until destiny :)

dcj05241529d ago

The COD crowd and the BF crowd ate two seperate crowds that rarely overlap.

Edsword1529d ago

I'm actually already tired of hearing about it.

Mikelarry1529d ago

So basically " we will milk until we run it to the ground"

Chanogram1529d ago

With some of their big games, they haven't really "milked" them to the point they've run them into the ground. Say what you want about Battleifield, but each one is it's own uique game, for better or worse. I didnt care much for 3, but BF:BC2 was amazing, and i'm really enjoying 4 (even with its current issues).

If a franchise is successful, why shouldnt they monetize it? It costs a rediculous amount of money to develop these big games. The more they make, the more risk they can take elsewhere.

For all of EA's faults, they've also given us some REALLY good games, including new IPs (dead space comes to mind). Be irritated with EA about their issues in launching big games, but without EA, who funds a big chunk of these games and gives devs the opportunity to create new experiences? For now at least, EA is a necessary evil (if you believe they are evil).

If you want an example of true milking, look no further than COD and activision.

DevilishSix1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


Isn't that the core of the problem when you say

"If a franchise is successful, why shouldnt they monetize it? It costs a rediculous amount of money to develop these big games. The more they make, the more risk they can take elsewhere"

The thing is they have been releasing buggy online games like Sim Shi*** and BF4 taking the money, but then what risks are they taking elsewhere? What risky IP's are they showing or announcing? With as much money as DICE has made EA, where is mirror's edge 2?

It seems the more they make the more it lines management and shareholder pockets. yet we get few new ips (if any at all) and buggy as sh** games. It is a sad cycle going around right now.

dcj05241529d ago

@devil they announced Mirror's Edge 2,Battlefront 3 and Titan fall atE3 last last year. That's where the money went.

ambientFLIER1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

"So basically " we will milk until we run it to the ground"

As opposed to: Uncharted, Killzone, Halo, Mario, Metal Gear Solid, Zelda, Gran Turismo, Forza...???

Deividas1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

None of those have 3 different studios working on a game to make sure there is a new one every 10 months or so...COD on the other hand....

And the ones that do release more than the others (Mario, Zelda, Forza) they try new things. Mario Galaxy was a nice turn, Zelda's art styles vary, and Forza at least tries new types of racing besides a Sim, like Horizon was. COD...continues on the same path since it has begun.

raWfodog1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Does EA publish any of those that you listed?

Now you see the difference...

TheGrimReaper00111529d ago

even harder than that
COD is already buried and yet, they milk it
And being it's released by EA, i cant help but be worried

"Stop it! He's already dead."

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Goro1529d ago

Another attempt to derail COD, it will fail...

Daniel_Potter1529d ago

These guys(Respawn) made 2 Franchises last "around for a very long time"(Medal of Honor and Call of Duty)
Sure they can do it for the 3rd time

Goro1529d ago

I'm not saying they can't make the franchise successful, i'm just saying sales-wise it won't be near as successful as COD. It might reach Battlefield's level at best.

aviator1891529d ago

They don't have to dethrone cod to be successful and I think they know they can't dethrone cod. I just see them wanting to carve out another area space for them in this world of shooters.
Just like how halo, cod, and battlefield all co-exist, I imagine the developers want to get in there as well.

mo2411529d ago

So this is supposed to be a good thing?

SpideySpeakz1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

After BrokenField 4, I think I'll layoff on the EA games for a while. If you think BF4 was bad, the MP ONLY Titanfail will be even worse.

Austacker1529d ago

Key difference MassEffect23 is that DICE are OWNED by EA.

Respawn only use EA in the publishing capacity.

I'm with you in avoiding EA games (as in games produced IN HOUSE with EA like DICE games are), but for a game that only uses EA to publish, I'm willing to roll the dice.

Titanfall will be a killer game mate, trust me on that (I've already played it!)

aviator1891529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I doubt it will fare worse than what bf 4 has gone through.
Besides, just knowing that titanfall is going to be using microsoft's dedicated servers should be heartening.
And I do feel a little more confident with someone like zampella at the helm.

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