iGR Outlast PS4 Review, How Long Can You Go Before You Say "Nope"

iGR "I was walking down a dimly lit hallway. I could see through my camera lens that there was a puddle of blood on the floor. Further down the hallway were two doors, one had bloody footprints leading into it an ajar door, the other door was open and had a dim light emitting from it. As I got closer my breath started to pick up, creepy music set in, and I swear I was"

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DarkBlood1563d ago

about 30 or so minutes the first time i started it lol

Eonjay1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

LOL same here. This game is redicilouly scary and it makes the traditional horror game look like Luigi's Mansion.

ShutUpDonny1563d ago

At the second I saw the first hanged man after something like 15 minutes I closed my PS4. I want to play again, but... not alone...

EBTpickle1563d ago

I think that was my first "nope" moment in the game.

princejb1341563d ago

Lol that part made me jump
I haven't played since the guy in the wheel chair jumped at me

Akuma2K1563d ago


That happened to me last night with the wheel chair guy, scared the hell out of me and my heart was beating all fast and

trancefreak1563d ago

I only made it to the generator room but I have no idea if I can fight or just hide. I need to read up on it. I know 1 part i was pretty much torn up by you now who.

ziggurcat1563d ago

all you can do is run like hell.

trancefreak1562d ago

Thanks for the reply and tip

Destrania1563d ago

I almost wanted to quit a few times because I was no unnerved, but I beat it *whew*

minimur121563d ago

I've never been so scared since I confronted my manager for throwing my sports direct mug away.

How can someone throw one of your mugs away, someone left it out and on the desk, would you throw someones mug away that they brought in for people to use? I certainly wouldn't

would you?

oh, I went a bit off topic there.

I've quit a few times aswell, it's the first time i've played a scary game and been scared. I love it

minimur121562d ago

funny thing is, this is a true story.

MrWonderful1563d ago

After I opened the first door after coming out of the air duct.. Still working up the nerve to go back to the game.

Darth Gamer1563d ago

I had to change my shorts after that one. lol

minimur121563d ago

I found it funny when I got scared that you walk down that corridor and the door slams on you, i tried to open it though.

Darth Gamer1563d ago

Loving this game. Only game to really make me jump out of my seat a few times. Now if I could just get the images of the Johnson Bros from being burned into my mind I'd be all set.

lawgone1563d ago

Haha, when I opened the one door and the swinging body hit me I literally yelled. I played 20 minutes or so but stopped after I couldn't find the key card.

Also, I was positive the guy in the wheelchair was going to jump up and get me.

minimur121563d ago

yeah, I was a bit confused about that when I walked past him for the first time.

But the second time? Oh...

Imalwaysright1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

The key card is on the body of a security guard and don't worry, I too thought that the wheelchair guy was gonna jump on me but he doesn't do anything so don't listen to minimur, he is just trying to scare you.

OT This game is fun to play at night specially when you have your mates over. I recommend it to anyone.

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The story is too old to be commented.