PS4 exclusive Inner Sanctum is real, according to MeiSekimuGames. Coming 2015

On twitter, I talked to the owner of the twitter account, and they confirmed to me that the game is indeed real. Also, the account confirmed that a US localization will happen for the game. Expect news next year.

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ZodTheRipper1594d ago

PS4 exclusive japanese GTA, could turn out pretty cool. Can't wait to see some gameplay.

xICHIGOx1594d ago

Awesome?? Damn it seem terrible just like Unhearted lol

DarkLord10031594d ago

You're trying way too hard

xICHIGOx1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

I don't think so, just like unearthed trail of blablabla was a clone of Uncharted this shit is a mix of gta and sleeping dogs, even the artwork is uninspiring.

Cryptcuzz1594d ago

Where can I play Unhearted?
Sounds like a horror game and I am not really good with those ;)

xICHIGOx1594d ago

Wrong name but a shitty game is always a shitty game:

360ICE1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

"Trolls and gaming media... Sigh it's as if the world turning into drones via biased media lol"

Not quite sure what that had to do with Dualshockers (a site which you could judge by the name is not anti-PlayStation) not being sure about their source.

Sigh... it's as if people are turning into drones who think they look past media bias when they actually don't have a clue about anything.

staticdash221594d ago

When they reported on the game, they updated their article saying the source was a little sketchy. That article was removed later, so did gamingbolt.

They seemed to clear up the confusion, because no one seemed to know what's going on

360ICE1594d ago


"Trolls and gaming media... Sigh it's as if the world turning into drones via biased media lol"

Is still incredibly unrelated to what happened.

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