Elder Scrolls Online gets Oculus Rift support

Tesoelite - One of the most important features everyone is looking for when playing a video game, regardless if its single-player or multi-player is immersion. How would you like to play ESO using the Oculus Rift? Developer Chriss Gallizzi thought of that and solved the problem as he managed to implement support for Oculus Rift for The Elder Scrolls Online.

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ZodTheRipper1588d ago

That certainly won't save this game.

vexx1588d ago

Not sure if the game needs to be saved tho :)

Are_The_MaDNess1587d ago

the game is boring and bland. not worth that high monthly price....
yes it feels alot like an elder scrolls game, but it feels like a really low budget elder scrolls game...

as a payable game, its a meh...
as a free to play game it would be amazing.

_LarZen_1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Your first mistake was to think a MMORPG would be just like a singleplayer RPG.

Your second mistake was to say it would be amazing if you did not have to use pocket change to play a premium MMORPG.

Now I am excited to see what your third mistake will be.

webeblazing1586d ago

how you say meh for playing and amazing for f2p? this game looks bad, and it looks bad even if it was f2p. theres better mmos on pc to play besides this.

MRMagoo1231587d ago

its too late to be saved its still born, the beta was sooooooooo boring, i love the elder scrolls games but ESO is just a really really shallow version of oblivion with real ppl running around every now and again. I was excited about this game till i played it.

Are_The_MaDNess1587d ago

cant agree more, boring is the word. ok. i love the lore in the game. and they do a great job using that lore. the enviorments looks good and detailed in little small things, witch is great.

but yet, the game feel lifeless in so many ways.
and its sad really as the voice acting is really good aswell.

there is just nothing that grabs you in the game.

been a part of the last 4 beta weekends and have a few higher level characters.

not to mention that the game is buggy as hell. talking about quests being broken and you cant finish it, this also happens in the starting area. and you cant move on to the main land without doing the starting quests...
things like quest objectives constantly tell you to go another way. Fading between realms with friends can be a pain aswell, there was many times i couldnt see my friends that was in my party.

i can forgive bugs and glitches, but its all the time on the most basic stuff.....
this game need to be saved, it will die shortly after launch.
and whats up with blocking the Imperial Race for everyone without the Collector Edition?

GentlemenRUs1587d ago

Too bad the proper set isn't out till later in 2015

starchild1587d ago

They never said that. It was Valve's opinion that we would see high quality VR within two years, but Oculus has implied that we would be getting the consumer Rift later this year or early next.