Xbox One Layaway: Genius Marketing or Desperate for Sales?

This is not a discount and GameStop is making huge marketing decisions regarding the Xbox and not the PS4. Which comes to the conclusion of: Why only the Xbox One? Well, due to the sales, the PS4 is running laps around the Xbox One.

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dedicatedtogamers1622d ago

I don't see how it could classify as "genius marketing" when layaway has been around for decades.

Sounds like a way to clear out stock.

SmielmaN1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Eb/gamestop doesn't do this as part of their policies as they don't have the space to store product while waiting for payment. So this was a program paid for by mS for sure. It's desperate

Chillbro- well I've been reading Xbox fanboy comments for years on this site when mS was leading the generation and spewing massive amounts of garbage at other ppl so let's just say it's fans of the other side that get to enjoy this moment in gaming. If you have a account here, and you click to read the article, then you read the comments, then you comment, does that not make you a loser too? I'm pretty sure it does. If you don't like these article or comments you can simply not view the site? Deal? Thanks. Chill out bro.

lolCHILLbro1622d ago

Why do yall care about layaway for Xbox?? lmao get your lives together man jeez bunch of losers here haha

georgeenoob1622d ago

Lol at desperate sales, as if MS is going bankrupt and spending the rest of its money on marketing. It doesn't take a college major to understand that ads help in some form, and MS is filthy rich and can afford it.

FamilyGuy1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

This is somewhat true, I think MS stuffed the retail chains to inflate their "sales" numbers, "Sold in to retail", and now that retailers are stuck with the stock MS needed a way to continue selling in to retailers. With layway the in stock consoles are attached to a customer as though it were sold so then GameStop would need to buy more for the in-stock walk in purchasers.

They over supplied the demand and are stuck with their own consoles, this move partially alleviates the over production by allowing them to continue to sell in to this retailer even though the product isn't moving to customers at a similar selling pace.

Layaway is just an intent to buy, some get cancelled but the point is that it get held to the side as though it were already purchased.

truefan11622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Lol you ps4 fans are pathetic, how is giving more people an opportunity to buy a console they want, desperate.

By ps4 fan logic, people who need financial aid shouldn't go to good colleges because they are too expensive.

Lastly I don't know what type of charity you think the gaming industry is, but my goodness the intelligence is just so low. MSFT and even that gold ole Sony are in business to make money. Hence when you don't make money around 20,000 people lose jobs, get the picture now ps4 fans. The more people who buy your product, the better.

kingdom181622d ago

@chillbro Nice tu quoque, try harder next time.

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Godmars2901622d ago

They, Gamestop, are only doing it for one console.

Sure they might or would do it for other systems, but they are actively advertising just doing it for the XB1. Playing favorites in other words. Being paid to anyway.

Likewise since they're advertising layaway, some people might take it as meaning you have to reserve one because they have limited stock.

QSPR1622d ago

I can see it like this..: I put down 50 dollars on a layaway xbone, after I got 400 there I cancel the layaway and get me some PS4 love!! bang

rainslacker1622d ago

If they're still having trouble keeping PS4's in stock, then why offer a layaway program when they can just sell them quickly instead of a month or two down the line?

If PS4 wasn't mostly selling out, we'd probably see those offered for layaway as well.

I think it's good promotion for GameStop to get people who can't afford $500 all at once to pay in installments. Generally though, layaway is beneficial for people who can't buy expensive items to take advantage of sales. Never understood the reasoning for doing it with a full priced item. Better just to save the money yourself in case something else comes along that you need to spend money on. From my experience, if you're strapped for cash that much, those things tend to come around more often than they should.

I wouldn't really call this genius marketing, or desperation for sales. I'd probably classify it as GameStop wanting to hold onto your money so they can accrue interest on it like they do with pre-orders. Those pennies add up when multiplied by thousands or millions of $5 deposits.

3-4-51622d ago

They probably count those "sales" right away, to say look" we are selling good", but some of those "sales" will never go through so the full number may be a bit blurry.

Options are almost always a good thing though so it could help.

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BG115791622d ago

Desperation before the final decision of cutting something from the console.
The PS4 is actually the most sold console in the US, and the number of console sold increase faster than the Xbone's...
Yep, it sells like desperation.


Desperation or genius...this is good for gamers.

FamilyGuy1622d ago

Layaway isn't really "good" for anyone. Learning to save money under your own will is part of being responsible. Layaway program is like having a less accessible piggy bank. Placing money intended for a purchase farther away so you're less tempted to spend it. Tying up your funds in this way is basically showing a lack of self-control. It would be better if people learned self-control.


LMAO...I swear, you guys try to spin everything involving MS into a negative. This is ANOTHER OPTION for gamers who are interested in the system. I personally don't have the problem that you mentioned, but that doesn't mean that others don't. Did you ever think that just maybe if a person or parent just wants to pay bit by bit, knowing that money is going straight toward an xb1? There is nothing wrong with this OPTION.

I have a funny feeling that if this was a PS4 (only) option, most of you would be saying "See, Sony continues to look out for gamers by providing options, MS is to greedy to do the same".

kingdom181622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@melman He was actually trying to spin a concept into a bad idea, which it seems to be. But either way for younger gamers this is a good option.

rainslacker1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

@Melman, he wasn't saying anything bad about MS at all. Just the general concept of layaway, which he isn't really wrong on.


Layaway can help take advantage of sales for people that want/need more expensive items but can't afford it at the time of the sale. Otherwise, for a full priced item, I agree completely. Self control is much more beneficial to learn over the long term.

I guess it's not really so much different than me spending $50 or so a month after I pre-ordered my PS3, just so it wouldn't be such the sticker shock when release day rolled around. To each their own I guess.

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AngelicIceDiamond1622d ago

@BG Or it could be buissness strategy. With layaway you can pay as you go. Either a little at a time or in chunks. Doesn't matter at the end of the day MS still makes a profit.

The console is still expensive for most right now so MS is compensating and helping with layaway program.

At least that's what it looks like to me.

BlingBlaine1621d ago

The point is GS is doing this for xbone and not ps4. It looks like its favortism toward one console. That is pathetic as GS has always done these things, even as far as MS paying GS employees extra commissions to sell their 360 therefore turning GS stores into MS fanboi outlets. Now the tables have turned though.....lool

ambientFLIER1622d ago

BG -

Please explain to me how MS is desperate, when the sales of the X1 have been good. Are they not meeting their targets?

BG115791622d ago

They are not dominating the US market, that's how.
Steambox is around the corner. People are talking about Amazon getting in the business. They bought Double Helix. Even Apple is going forth. Nintendo is lost right now, and many constructors are looking into this to enter the gaming business. They are all going for first place.
They have to gain a good fan base before all of this happens. The Steambox seems to be well accepted, joined with the power of Steam, this alone may permit to steal the second place from MS. That would be catastrophic for MS.
So yeah, it may not look like it, but the situation is dire.

1622d ago
XiSasukeUchiha1622d ago

Desperation tactic i don't see this as genius marketing! sorry

BX811622d ago

No need to be sorry. They only gave you two options.. Genius/desperate. Clearly you had to pick one of those.

xx4xx1622d ago

I'll opt for the third, not mentioned option: neither.

Both Microsoft and Sony have sold an obscene amount of consoles to date.... so I wouldn't choose desperate.

And I wouldn't exactly say a layaway program is genius.

fendernow1622d ago

Oh yippee. This is another "Abriael" type article that tosses a baity headline only to find some second-hand tweet or a 3 paragraph filler. This article will most likely get hot, like Abriael, the user will garner in tons of traffic to the ads to collect a healthy revenue over our backs. Yawn

Oh, as for the question? Sorry, not going to bite. Xbox One will do well on its own, that is that.

GiantEnemyCrab1622d ago

yes not to be confused with the other idiots at dualshockers.

theXtReMe11622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

Yeah, I see this as a bit of desperation. But, I don't see how it's going to do gamers any good if they can't play while they pay. The fact that they're still paying for the system over time, doesn't get that system off store shelves anytime soon. Though, it does allow Microsoft to play the numbers game( as those systems sit in layaway bins) saying systems have been sold before they've received the last penny of the layaway purchase. Regardless if gamers actually follow through with all of the payments.

Smoke and mirrors tactic.

BX811622d ago

So reminding gamers that you can purchase a console is desperate? saying put $25 down and take it home and pay the rest later is desperate. This is giving the consumer another option in store. Promoting your product isn't desperate.

FarEastOrient1622d ago

That isn't how layaway works, you don't bring the console home until it's paid off.

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