Gaming’s Top 5 Stupidest Weapons of All Time

Gaming has come so far and part of the reason is competition, killing and weapons. Games have even gone as far as to be considered iconic from the weapons they put in them. Think of the coolest video game character you can think of them remove the weapon from their hand; are they still that cool? Who’s Marcus Fenix without his lancer or Kratos without his blades? With that being said there are plenty of weapons out there that make players step back and say wtf. These weapons can be weird or just downright stupid but somehow they have found their way into our beloved games. Out of all the weapons gaming has paid tribute to, which turned out to be the stupidest of all?

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TheSuperior 1531d ago

The Nick Popper is hands down the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. That entire game is just off on so many different levels lol

Link2DaFutcha1531d ago

Dildo from GTA San Andreas was amazing/awful

indoimran1531d ago

Haha dat bayonetta hair. I also personally LOVE the dubstep gun.

TheSuperior 1531d ago

Dubstep is actually pretty good. I like that you can change the look and the music changes with it :)

Godmars2901531d ago

Not even an honorable mention for that whip/dreamcatcher thing from FF13?

MasterCornholio1531d ago

Anyone remember the shark gun?