Rekoil (XBLA) Review: We’ll Kick Their Ass Next Time | Laser Lemming

Laser Lemming Writes

"Maybe I’m just showing my age here, but modern FPS multiplayer just feels like an endless grind that doesn’t treat its players like sportsman but proverbial donkeys being driven by a carrot on a stick. All of this unlocking and perks for money or time has created a playing field that’s about as level as a cliff face and as inviting as a minefield to new players. There’s no real reward for being good at these games, only for having played it the longest or invested the most money.

When I first played Rekoil a couple of months ago at an event for 505’s upcoming digital offerings it felt like the game had been constructed with old (censored) like me in mind. In the hour or so that I played it, I had a lot of fun and remember how loud and satisfying the game’s weapons were. So when I was offered a review copy I jumped at the chance. However since my PC is in desperate need of an upgrade I had to settle for the XBLA version."

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