“Sonic Boom” Could be the Reboot the Blue Blur Sorely Needs

I know, that may be a tough headline to read for people familiar with the “Sonic cycle,” but I sincerely think things are going to be different this time around.

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Tidybrutes1621d ago

The fact Sanzaru are developing the 3DS version gives me a bit more confidence than usual as they made Sly 4 which is awesome.

Cant remember who is doing to Wii U game but still a western studio.

linkenski1621d ago

Sanzaru is a good developer but Sly 4 wasn't original enough and it even felt dumbed down in comparison to Sly 3 and Sly 2 in a lot of areas where elements were retained.

They know how to handle source material well enough so that Sega probably opted them in for this project.

lilbroRx1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

This game isn't even a reboot. Its just a new spin-off series based off an upcoming CG cartoon. There will still be other Sonic games that aren't part of Sonic Boom. SEGA specified this but people still keep taking it out of context.

Title is rubbish.

linkenski1621d ago

In a sense it is because Sega clearly wants this to be the future of Sonic if possible in the west, even if he will get more Japan-made 'Modern-Sonic' titles in 2015 and onwards.

If Boom is successful I'm pretty sure they're not just gonna call it a day and not make more of it.

SpiralTear1621d ago

This spin-off's future will be determined on how well it sells. Wouldn't it be in Sega's best interest to continue a series that is enjoyed and purchased by consumers? If Sonic Boom becomes more profitable than Japanese-developed Sonic games, I wouldn't be surprised if Sega invested more resources into establishing it as something more than a spin-off.

Quite frankly, I'm more excited about Sonic Boom than another Japanese-developed Sonic game. At least Sonic Boom is something new and in the hands of a new developer with a rather good pedigree.

linkenski1621d ago

I hope they let Kenichi Tokoi or alike make the soundtrack even if this is a "western-made Sonic"