Bravely Default Is the Reason I Can't Turn Off My 3DS

CCC Says: "My 3DS is crying out in pain. I can practically hear it, begging me to make the madness end. It's been "awake" since Friday, and it's all Bravely Default's fault.
Granted, it hasn't been awake-awake. I'd say it's only been played about four, maybe four and a half hours each day. It depends on if I decided to just play Bravely Default, or to also spend a few minutes catering to my Animal Crossing: New Leaf residents. Still, it doesn't negate the fact that, for the first time, I've found a game that makes me keep my 3DS on."

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dedicatedtogamers1620d ago

I was a bit leery about the town-building stuff, but my friend showed me the game and it's actually really cool. Kinda stinks that you have to keep the game in the system and the system has to be in sleep mode, but whatev. It's a cool concept.