Is Dead Rising 3 One of the Best Zombie Games of All Time?

Gaming For The Elderly - Let me start this off by saying, yes I love Dead Rising 3. I think it’s a fantastic game, and my level of enjoyment to this point has me wondering just how good is Dead Rising 3 in terms of Zombie games?

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MELMAN26898d ago

Eh...Resident Evil 2 & 4 are up there too.

giovonni898d ago

I agree, Resident Evil 2 & 4 and I would say Three also were up there.

As far as Dead Rising, yes it's up there also. It's so much content and things to do it's crazy. I also like the fact that they add more zombie types as the game goes on
It is one of the deepest Zombie games I've played

zielocz3k898d ago

RE4 is not about zombies...

i would say RE2 and RE Code Veronica X are my fav zombie games

MrTrololo898d ago

Resident Evil 4 doesn't have any zombie enemy. Think before you type.

lifeisgamesok898d ago

Definitely one of the deepest content wise

towelie1288898d ago


Neoninja898d ago

I'd say it's up there, but Zombies Ate My Neighbors is just narrowly beating it out on my list. Only do to it being a great early gaming memory.

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The story is too old to be commented.