Sony: nearly 60% of PS4 owners have a PS Vita

PSU's Mike Harradence writes: ''Sony has revealed that around 60 per cent of PlayStation 4 owners are also in possession of a PlayStation Vita.

While the number is impressive, it somewhat disappointing to learn that only 250,000 gamers have tried out Remote Play for the PS4 and PS Vita -- just 10 per cent of those who own both systems...''

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pyramidshead1530d ago

Getting mine in March. Hopefully there's still some OLEDs left or at least on sale now to clear inventory for the new ones.

Utalkin2me1530d ago

They should make a enticing PS4 + Vita bundle.

cleft51530d ago

I brought my PSVita because of my PS4. Figured why not? And I am really pleased to own the PSVita, so many good high quality games for the Vita and most of them I didn't even have to buy thanks to PS+.

FamilyGuy1530d ago

They need to spread the word on remote play more. Even a quick tutorial of how to set it up or where to find setup instructions. A commercial advertising the ability would be great too.

That percentage of people that use it should grown when the PS4 releases in Japan.

DigitalRaptor1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

@ cleft5

I had at least 12 games to download through PS+ as soon as I got my Vita. About 5-8 more of them were Cross-buy games from PS3, so all in all - it's a steal combination. And I actually am having more fun with my Vita than PS4 at the moment (although Outlast is really great).

Remote-Play... that is so damn great. Playing Resogun and Tomb Raider from bed is pure brilliance, and works a charm.

BoNeSaW231530d ago

If there is Infamous PS4 + Vita bundle. SOLD!

Already have about a dozen Vita games from PLUS just waiting for the right time to jump in.

With PS Now and PLUS, I think the Vita will be the ultimate streaming handheld device in a years time.

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moujahed1530d ago

As long as you don't buy the slim version you will have a OLED.

cleft51530d ago

Yeah get the OLED was another motivating factor in me buying the Vita now as oppose to later. The OLED is so beautiful.

pyramidshead1530d ago

True dat sir, true dat. Would like one not used though lol.

Muffins12231530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I got my used ps vita OLED for 140 dollars,it was amazing :D You can get it in good condition if you buy from right seller.Awesome deals right here for it:


pyramidshead1530d ago

Cheers, I'll keep ebay in mind :P

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dedicatedtogamers1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Wow. If true, that's quite a high number. Though I suppose it makes perfect sense: early console adopters are usually the biggest fans, so they're more likely to also own other platforms by the same company.

I don't have a PS4 yet but I own a Vita, and I love it. Maybe the whole "Vita can be an accessory to your PS4" strategy is actually paying off?

Chrischi19881530d ago

But how can people call Wii Us Gamepad a failure, a gimmick, useless, but still buy a Vita for it?

I guess the ones calling it so, are not the ones who get a Vita for it... also meaning, that 60% of PS4 owners, actually understand the good use of the Gamepad.

dedicatedtogamers1530d ago

I'm as puzzled as you are. I've never been one to think that people were going to buy a Vita as a PS4 accessory. Every step of the way, I have voiced my opinion that the strategy of selling Vita in that way is going to be a failure.

But based on these numbers, perhaps I was mistaken.

wolokowoh1530d ago

According this article only 250,000 have tried remote play. The Wii U's gamepad isn't a failure. Wii U is a failure in sales. This is mostly due to price and lack of power which the gamepad contributes to but is far from the sole issue. Wii U should have launched with an account system tied to purchases and gameplay, organized e-shop and virtual console, some sort of take on trophies/achievements, and power relatively close to being as strong as the Xbone or better yet PS4.

If all those things happened, Wii U could have been $500, including the gamepad, and would have had the advantage over the Xbone. If it still released a year earlier, it would have hd the advantage on the PS4. Nintendo had ten years to accomplish this and they didn't learn from any of Wii's shortcomings. On top of this Wii U should not have been the name. Even Wii 2 would have been far better.

TheUndertaker851530d ago

... Buying a system with its own library that happens to expand into Remote Play, not only within range of the system but anywhere you have Wifi access is now the same as the gamepad?

How in the hell do people try to justify that answer?

Chrischi19881530d ago

We can justify it with it being almost useless anywhere else than home, because of latency issues. The Gamepad for example offers lesser latency than most TVs at peoples homes.

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1530d ago
BattleTorn1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I bought my Vita after buying my PS4 :D

famoussasjohn1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

But are you part of the 10% actually using the remote play feature?

Regis1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I am. I play Killzone and AC4 on my vita's remote play on my bed while my PS4 is in my living room. Its fun to kill ai's and players while resting on my foam mattress and drinking a coke with another T.V on for netflix.

PS: Yes this is my life right now.

MatrixxGT1530d ago

I'm 60% remote play ans 40% tv play.

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