Microsoft building an ‘Xbox Reading’ app for Windows 8

Microsoft has already built Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps for Windows 8, but the next target is books. A recent Microsoft job listing, discovered by Chinese Microsoft blog LiveSino, notes that the software giant is looking to hire a software design engineer to build "a groundbreaking interactive reading app on Windows, which incorporates books, magazines, and comics." Potential candidates would join the same Music, Video, and Reading (MVR) team that has already shipped two built-in Xbox branded apps for Windows 8.

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Mikefizzled1616d ago

Doesn't Microsoft own a large stake in Barnes and Noble? So this kind of makes sense I guess.

AnEwGuY1615d ago

It's really no different than what Amazon, Apple and Google are doing. Of course, since it's MS, people are going to attack first anyway...just because.

Utalkin2me1615d ago

Thats the exact point. Why would a hardcore gamer buy a Xbox1?

Stick891616d ago ShowReplies(6)
WeAreLegion1615d ago

Whoever successfully merges books and audiobooks into a service will own the book industry. Amazon owns Audible, but it's not connected to Kindle. Most readers do a bit of both.

Cueil1615d ago

I always wondered why Microsoft didn't have audiobooks in their xbox music library... perhaps this will take up that part... it would be an interesting app not just for the Win8.x and 9, but also for Xbox 360 and Xbox One