Lionhead is transforming into a games-as-service studio with Fable Legends

Peter Molyneux’s successor at Lionhead’s first task is to bring traditional Fable gameplay into the connected world with Fable Legends. John Needham is not only in charge of Lionhead, but also Microsoft’s head of European publishing. He took over in April last year, filling the void left by the studio’s famed co-founder Peter Molyneux, but he’s certainly not intimidated by the role.

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lifeisgamesok1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

This is my only complaint with next gen

I don't want online only and many others don't either. Titanfall just being a multiplayer shooter is ok but I don't want rpg's or games with campaigns online only

Offline campaigns and offline multiplayer Phil Spencer!

If this game is online-only... No Sale!

Fireseed1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

The sheer RIDICULOUS success of persistently updated, and supported games would speak to the contrary good sir.

4ShotKing1616d ago

And yet Destiny is the most anticipated game of 2014 and it's "Online-only".

Zichu1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I didn't know it was online only O.o

whitefang19881616d ago

I'm honestly not trolling before I say this, but it seems to me if Microsoft couldn't get DRM into the console they're just doing it with their games and saying "deal with it"
I agree I don't understand the logic of labeling your team as online only when you've never made a game like that before. I loved the original I know times have changed, I just don't like the direction change is moving in Microsoft.
I'd like to say again not trolling lol

4ShotKing1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It's not Microsoft only making "Online Only" games, just look at The Division, Destiny, Titanfall, The Crew, Deep Down. It's from all the major publishers like Capcom, EA, Ubisoft and Activision and I have no doubt we will see more "Online Only" games in the future.

Jdoki1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I don't think you're trolling.. It's a valid debate, and applies to Sony, MS, and every publisher in the industry (both PC and console).

If publishers start adopting a model where they try and crowbar online features in to a game that would work perfectly well offline - just so they can control how long we can play our games for... That's a really bad thing.

To draw some parallels with what is happening now...

Both Netflix and Apple have had titles vanish from their services because deals run out. Imagine if you buy something from Steam, PS Store or XB Market and the original publisher pulls it some months / years later.

Imagine if you have a game (lets call it, umm, Sim Town) where pointless online features are added to the game which is mainly geared towards offline single player play. And lets say they make the online features mandatory, and in the process gimp the game so that no matter how good your hardware is you face restrictions imposed because of the online (for example the size of your town). And lets say that 3 years after launch they decide to launch Sim Town 2, and state they will shut down the original Sim Town service.

Or maybe, a developer creates a game, lets call it, Floppy Turd, but decides to remove it for some arbitrary reason, even though you've paid for it.

And perhaps we should consider another game, lets call this one Devil 3. Which works pretty well on-line but even if you want a quick play offline, requires you to download the latest patches. You have no choice even if those patches add or remove features you like, or have no bearing on offline play.

Games as a service has the potential to hurt the industry.

EDIT: From other comments on this article it appears some people need to see the difference between online games, and games as a service - they are very different)

Dehnus1616d ago

Well yes and no.

I agree with you, nothing like a good Online RPG that takes hours to finish. LIke the old Bioware/Black Isle/Troika games ;).

But I would love to see a return to a propper MMO RPG as well. Not what WOW has become over the years, quick fixes that last 15 minutes... everybody standing around in two capitals and no way to interact or play out your "ROLE" playing game ;).

Not saying WOW is a bad game (I keep playing it and roleplaying it for a reason). But I would like some more depth and exploring adventure, even team up with that annoying human paladin to save some Orphans from the Forsaken, as my Orc feels it is the honourable thing to do.

(NO worry PVP fanboys, I hear you, on PVP servers that shouldn't be possible, I'm talking RP Servers ;)).

So if someone makes a persistent world as a propper RPG game, and not try to be another "WOW" in gameplay. I would like it. Infact in WOW this earlier described way of playing could be a RP server thing, while PVP servers keep things as they are... heck even introduce a FFA server for those daring enough ;).

Never going to happen, but different people like different things. You would hate an Online RPG like I described, I would love it :).

Master-H1616d ago

Agreed, online only puts me off when we're not talking about mp only games, I'm probably giving Destiny, The Crew , The Division a pass, i dont know if Deep Down is online only too but that one's free so i might try it.

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Clown_Syndr0me1616d ago

I smell subscription fees...

Jdoki1616d ago

My biggest concern about games as a service, is that it means a publisher can have built in obsolescence.

So a game that could work perfectly well offline suddenly becomes unplayable because the publisher decides to switch off the service.

What we are likely to see is a lot of fluffy and probably unnecessary online features - for example, see Sim City 5 - to justify the 'service' model for an otherwise perfectly fine offline game.

For games that are 100% online, like Destiny or MMO's etc, that's fine, I don't expect these games to be supported forever.

But, I don't think anyone wants to see a situation where a publisher or console manufacturer can stop you playing the game you 'own' for some arbitrary reason - such as a new gen of hardware, or a new version being launched, or that DLC / micro-transactions are no longer profitable.

This may be a worst case scenario, but considering the state of the industry right now - especially EA - it would not surprise me to see this happen.

mhunterjr1616d ago

Normally, I would make sarcastic remarks about tin foil hats, but this is a legitamate concern.

I wouldn't be surprised to see EA do this either, they essentially do this already with their sports franchises. Being a madden fan is almost like having a subscription to the NFL game. 60bucks a year gets you some marginal gameplay changes and a roster update, and support for the previous years game ends.

Granted, at the time being, they do keep the old servers up for a while. But if they went totally "games as service", they would has no reason to.

Jdoki1616d ago

Yeah, Madden and the other EA sports titles was one of the things that raised my concern the most.

I know I'm outlining a worst case scenario, but unfortunately after gaming over 30 years I know all too well what can happen in this industry.

AD7051616d ago

All I want to know is this

Do we REALLY want another fable game? I mean seriously Fable is one of the worst RPG franchises of all time. Sure the first fable kicked ass but the last ones were total disasters. I remember the sheer hype and promises given about these games. How they were going to give us the best RPG ever. Fable was going to be a "revolution" yet all we got was a 10 hour long glitch fest with a god awful story with monotonous gameplay with a pointless Co-op mode.

Now we hear how the next one might be episodic and have bullshit subscription fees. I'm out.