Cheaper Digital Games Sounds Great But What About DLC?

An opinion piece via EGMR in which the author explains how it's great to have cheaper digital downloads but only if DLC is included in the deal.

Quote: "A short while ago a few big names threw around the announcement that digital games would be cheaper in future, as part of their prime directive. One of these big names is Microsoft. They said that their online Games Marketplaces for Xbox 360 and Xbox One would be seeing more sales and cheaper offerings; an obvious reaction to the massive amounts of success Sony are enjoying with their PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and how Games for Gold simply cannot keep up."

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whybag1621d ago

"It’s kind of weird of that a persistent online environment has led to actual persistent online environments within the games we play, as if there’s some clever metaphor or comparison to be drawn or something. But I digress."

Uhh...IS that weird?