Amazon could take on the PS4, Xbox One, and Apple TV all at once with an Android-based game console

Hot off the heels of the Xbox One and PS4 launches, Amazon is rumored to be releasing its first console later this year, and it will likely sell for under $300. With an incredibly low entry price, an existing content ecosystem, and a recent high-profile developer acquisition, Amazon is primed to take on Microsoft and Sony head-on.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1619d ago

so can the PS4,idk why Sony doesn't include app store games to be used with the touchpad. that would work no? nice and cheap also

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

No thanks, I hope Sony won't support cheap touch based gaming. I'm happy with their current focus.

badz1491618d ago

"Amazon is primed to take on Microsoft and Sony head-on"

Yeah...just like how they have successfully take on Apple or Samsung inthe tablet market with their Kindle, right? /s

The kindle remains as a niche product and is unknowed outside of the NA and some other countries while Apple still prevail and Samsung/Google is huge worldwide. What makes anyone think that Amazon is gonna suddenly capable of making a footing in the gaming market is beyond me.

The Ouya is a great example of how NOT to make a console and Amazon is going to do just THAT and they will fail! No one would buy a crappy Android gaming console when billions of smartphones and tablets already available is capable of playing those same contents and plus portability which a console isn't!

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

"What makes anyone think that Amazon is gonna suddenly capable of making a footing in the gaming market is beyond me."

The fact that they have the money and the will (e. g. Double Helix aquisition) to do it. Gaming is something that fits perfectly into their service portfolio, they just need to invest enough in it to make an impact on the market. Just don't dare to underestimate Amazon.

badz1491618d ago

money? that's your argument? think about it. MS has so much money to throw away but have they conquered the market yet? Nintendo is a bigger company than Sony or Yahoo!, does that mean that they are invincible in the gaming market? Sony's credit rating is currently "junk" and lots of people around here laughing about it but as far as gaming is concerned, PS4 is dominating and the PS3 is still selling quite well too.

my point is, money is not a definitive formula for success in this industry and if you think Amazon will straight away be a success, you're up for a rude awakening, mate!

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

How can you compare Amazon, the worldwide leading online retailer to companies like Microsoft or Nintendo? Amazon has a huge userbase and with the correct investments and a thoughtful business strategy, they definately can enter the gaming market.
I'm not saying Amazon WILL be successful, I'm just saying you should neither underestimate them, nor compare them to any other company. I'm working at a big manufacturer and closely with Amazon and I can attest their incredible expansion and potential from first hand.

badz1491618d ago

Amazon's "userbase" are looking up to Amazon for their pricing on goods they sell and offers they have and service they give, not for any specific product made by Amazon. I can't see how pricing can convert into any sort of reflection on how well they can do if they enter the console business.

it's like saying most people are using Google as their main search engine and people will totally dig it if Google make a console. just doesn't add up! just like how so many people use Windows/Office but not everything MS touched become Gold. the 1st XBox, Zune, early Windows Phones come to mind.

for me, bottom line is, Android-based console are destined to fail! there's just no way around it and probably never will! easiest example is, why would I buy and Android console when I can just use my pc to run ALL Android games using Bluestacks and use a controller too? there is just no way for them to succeed!

dcbronco1618d ago

zod18, they could do what Microsoft did. Simply throw money at it. Just because they're new to the game doesn't mean they can't be successful. And having a more powerful Android based machine might appeal to more casual users that want a little more than they get on a phone. Never dismiss a built-in market.

indyman77771618d ago

Zod18 you have some good points. But zod18 has some too. Money is a good indicator, the problem with Microsoft, and money is they are NOT spending it after the first xbox(1).

After xbox(1) they had MANY chances and reasons to buy 1st party developers but did not.

Microsoft is unwilling to spend a lot of that money. If they where they could have launched with a much more powerful machines. Sony on the other hand IS willing(Badz149 TM) to spend money. They put more power into the machine, and have put way more money into making 1st party games. Nintendo is willing to spend money on games but not much on technology.

Amazon you say is niche, that's one big niche. Out side the US they are unknown, your are correct good point because that will matter.

But I would not underestimate Amazon to go from 'niche'. When Amazon started online all they sold was BOOKS, new, then new, and used. Point is they WAS NICHE, now they will sell more than any retailer in the world can, including products THEY make.

First place I bought video games online, way before there was steam was on Amazon.

And Amazon like Sony (and in some cases better) knows how to give free goodies away! First free games I got with my 99c 3d cell phone was Amazon. Free books on a condole, mom and sister will like that. And Kindle fire is the best deal you will find for the price (price matters).

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sinspirit1618d ago

I was really hyped for Vita having Android app support, but I guess that didn't go through. It would have been nice just as an option. I supposed it was because having annoying apps, which tend to start putting background processes that have unwanted pop ups or just slow down the system, are what they don't want to deal with. The Vita would be a fantastic universal remote.

I'm tired of the "Android console will take over the market" articles. There have been plenty of tries and unique approaches. The app stores have already taken over the market, but the market is just so vast that neither console, PC, nor mobile systems are going down. Amazon is probably priming(pun) for an Android console eventually, and we can suspect that because they're acquiring game companies themselves.

indyman77771618d ago

Hey man if you have popups on your android that means you have the virus! There are free antivirus apps to take care of that. I have never had a SINGLE POPUP on my android. Ask your friends which ever one has the same problem is the one you got it from (or gave it to).

sinspirit1618d ago

I don't have the problem, but I'm sure that that issue is what they want to avoid by having public apps.

kayoss1618d ago

Didnt they say the same thing about the Ouya? Look what happened?

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THC CELL1619d ago

Not a chance, good luck tho

Thatguy-3101618d ago

Didn't you see how Ouya made a dent on Sony/MS/Nintendo's market? /s

ZodTheRipper1618d ago

You have a point but comparing Ouya to Amazon (which is expanding like hell right now) would be a bit shortsighted. I would have no problem with an Amazon console if they are going to invest in quality gaming (instead of timed exclusives or other dubious marketing).

Timesplitter141618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I dunno, man...

Have you forgotten the devastation that was laid upon the competition by the Ouya? Do you remember that day when the Android consoles walked the earth and set the world ablaze? We repelled them for now but Sony and MS just barely escaped with their lives...

Kaz Hirai lost his left leg on that day. He will never forget

Blank1618d ago

Well this comment made my night! Plus one funny bubble hahaha! But on topic this whole entire android gaming system idea is a cool idea on paper but the dev support never is there granted amazon has a dev team but you still need more teams and lokg time industry vets in the those teams as well but the casual market just has tok many android console choices as it is how and what would amazons android console have to stand out??

Seraphim1618d ago

absolutely ridiculous statement & idea. Just the assumption the title makes should have iced this Opinion piece from being Posted here. "Amazon could take on the PS4, XBONE..." ok maybe Apple TV but not consoles. Gamers who might play this crap only do so because they're AFK & their phone, these games provide entertainment. It might be great for the casual market but even that is highly questionable with tablets and all; imho. I can't see too many Droid based games being played at home by the people who play them. I love Amazon and have been a huge supporter and customer for 10+ years, a Prime Member since '08 but I just Can't see this being that successful. And to say it could take on True Gaming Platforms like PS4/XB1 is just absurd. Did a 12 year old write this opinion?

kingdip901619d ago

Amazon have one of the biggest cloud services around... why is everyone assuming that if they get into gaming that it will be an android powered device?

I'm thinking competition for the ps now service.

Kayant1619d ago

With what software? Android games? They don't have the software and rumours point to an android console they currently have kindle running on android so it's not far fetched to think it will be android based.

kingdip901619d ago

Didn't they just buy the studio that did the new killer instinct?

They have enough money to throw around to do something new.. I don't think they are silly enough to believe an android console could succeed after how badly the ouja(sp) did.

Kayant1619d ago

They do but compared to Sony's backlog of exclusives not including third-parties it's very little. Obviously it's very early days but they are at a big disadvantage atm.

Yh I see your point who knows. It's amazon they do some crazy stuff some times but as far as we know it's a powerful android console they're building.

MrSwankSinatra1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

Dude Killer Instinct was headed by microsoft in-house partners in conjuction with Double Helix, Amazon buying Double Helix (which has a track record of mediocrity) is not a big deal.

indyman77771618d ago

Kingdip90 your right. Most people where saying the same kind of things when Micorosft was rumored to be getting into the games business.

1, Oh great everyone play cards, hearts anyone.
2, What they got besides Microsoft flight simulator,
who will play that with a console controller.
3, Mine sweep anyone?
4, Solitaire anyone?
6 Oh no, we will have games that will not install, see it is coming with a hard drive(ON A CONSOLE?!)
7 Some games will be broke!
8 Electronic chess anyone!
9 Checkers anyone!
11, Ohhh colors (and screen saver!)
12, Who wants windows on a console?

So now its who will want angry birds, or android. Even though the article clearly pointed out they are not going that direction that is what people are assuming. Amazon has money and knows they need to get in before Apple or Google does.

Saito1619d ago

Amazon gonna get dropped off like the jaguar lol

devwan1618d ago

So there will still be new games coming out for it in 20 years time? :)

But I agree with the sentiment completely.

Godmars2901619d ago

No. They'll have a great platform promoting it through Amazon, but if they don't have the games they wont have the gamers.

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